What we're about

We're a group of passionate aspiring and current developers from across the world. You should join if you'd like to learn or teach web development, whether that's with Ruby on Rails, Django, Javascript or if you have no idea what those things are.

We believe strongly in project-driven learning and the power of code to build cool things and even change lives.

Our meetups will cover a wide range of activities, including:

• Special events from around the developer ecosystem

• Group pairing sessions online around existing open-source projects

• Online office hours and information sessions

Our meetups are emphatically member-driven so feel free to host and post your events on our page! If you find something really helpful from another group, post the link here (but don't allow RSVPS!) and tell people where to find the original event so they can sign up.

We aren't strongly particular about the languages represented, but we'll probably be most involved with HTML, CSS, Ruby, Ruby on Rails and JavaScript.

Past events (49)

Hack Reactor's Javascript 101

Hack Reactor

Looking to start an online study group

Google Hangout (virtual/on air)

Web App TV Show - Episode Taping

General Assembly San Francisco