Two part presentation: David Turk on LiveCode - Smart Speakers, Interwebs,& IoT

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1pm - Welcome and future - Get involved please

1:15pm Presentation #1 in LiveCode {

Back into HyperCard ne LiveCode that is… By David Turk.

With a Community+ License of LiveCode.

First my potted background…

I started coding with Fortran - punch cards, then Apple BASIC, Microsoft BASIC (Paid work), Hypercard (Paid work), a splash of SuperCard (Paid work ONCE!), Macromedia/Adobe Director/Lingo (Lots of paid work), & ended with one Adobe Flash/ActionScript project, but as producer ( NEEDS Adobe Flash ). I never got into C development due to strange twists in my employment history.

I also co-founded the local Melbourne Australia Apple User Group in 1980 ( ) and also started a local Macromedia/Adobe User Group later (Now closed), until all the above halted for health reasons, but here I am back full circle back to HyperCard of sorts but in LiveCode form, thanks to the new licence options of

I’m also an emerging artist ( ) where I have exhibited twice working with light and xxxx, where xxxx could be kinetic motion, or climate art [See: Electric Jellyfish on my blog], or whatever I choose xxxx to be. I use Arduino “things” for this, but also have an interest in Raspberry Pi, once some hurdles are overcome.


Quick word on what I did using HyperCard/SuperCard.


A little about LiveCode.


Demo: Using LiveCode to build an App.



2:10pm Q&A for #1

2:25pm Break of 30 Mins

2:55pm Presentation #2: IoT {

Turk Talk Tech…

Intro into IoT, Smart Speakers, and Home Automation, By David Turk, independent tech specialist of over 40 years.

David Turk will Talk Tech like a boss...

Smart Speakers (Google), Interwebs, and IoT using Blynk^^, what does it really mean?

Finally we discuss home Automation: Telstra versus TP-LINK (The good, bad and Ugly)!!! Have you got any Home Automation stories?

Note: Smart Speakers and/or Home Automation demo may be subject to controlled conditions possibly not available at venue. We will try our best.



3:40pm Q&A for #2

4pm End and ice-cream/drinks afterwards (if you have time!) We will be going to Pidappos on Lygon Street, Carlton. You will NEED to bring your own money!

NOTE: We do have a couple of giveaway door prizes available for those who show up and stay till end. Everyone will get some conference/workshop stickers at least.

• What to bring

You should have an eye for learning new things in the technology sector, and keeping an open mind! Bring an iOT device if you have one!

• IMPORTANT - If you get lost!
Please only text Sirani at[masked] or email Sirani at [masked] or, David Turk iMessage or voice on[masked] (No FaceTime or Facebook, but yes to Tweets ).

Just so that we can run more Meetups in the future and provide food/drinks, please make sure to bring $10 cash or alternatively pay by Credit Card/PayPal by request (will need to do this before event starts).