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Learn and Play Go

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Learn and Play Go


Come join us for another night of learning and playing Go! These events are tailored towards players of all levels, beginners are highly encouraged to join our welcoming atmosphere. Despite low RSVP amount in this meetup, attendance is usually around 15 or so players, ~5 between 20-10k, ~5 between 10k and 1k, ~5 above 1d, so you can usually find a new player around your skill level each time.

Since we've consistently had over 10 people, Game Kastle appreciates our support with a $5 purchase or add-on to one of their game cards. This is a great way for us to support them and buy snacks, or build up credit towards a game, or some cool go stones! Please don't let this keep you from tagging along (talk to me in private or message me, we can work it out!)
Game Kastle Mountain View
550 Showers Drive · Mountain View, CA
How to find us

We should be easy to find with the go boards!

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