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This group is for everyone who is interested in Drone technology. All skill levels and levels of experience are welcome. Join us to learn and share ideas for UAV applications and development. Also, join us if you want to learn how to build & fly a drone! Check out our upcoming drone training classes, practice your flying skills on our drone simulators, ask the experts, and so much more!

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Visit https://indianacademyofdrones.com/ to learn more about the organizer and the community!

Education Partner

Indian Academy of Drones ( https://indianacademyofdrones.com/ )

Welcome to India's best unmanned Aerial systems training capsule - Indian Academy of Drones. Our mission is to provide the highest quality training on unmanned aerial systems to ensure the safe integration of drones into Indian airspace. We are an exciting team based in India and Canada offering multiple training courses through our training. We train customers to fly UAVs safely via short courses. These courses mainly aim to integrate a standard operating procedure among our pilots, where safety is our utmost priority. We have trained over 250+ pilots across India (6 drone training centers) who is qualified to carry out different types of UAV missions. Students are given theoretical training in classrooms along with on-ground practical field flying experience. We also have ex-military guest lecturers who give an in-depth lecture on military drones and various drone applications across sectors.


Community Partner

Dronitech ( https://www.dronitech.com/ )

Drones are the need of the hour, this industry is expanding rapidly and the time is now to step into this field and make use of its full potential. Keeping this in mind we at Drovation Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. have started Dronitech as a full services Drone/UAV company where we provide every end of the spectrum from flying training to services to manufacturing. The company provides services to enterprise clients with a focus on services like surveying and mapping, industrial inspection, infrastructure services, media services, and precision agriculture as well as we provide drone flying training to our customer or clients who want to become a professional and certified drone pilot.


Dronifleet (https://www.dronifleet.com)

Dronifleet made history with the first drone delivery in Saguna Baug, delivering food packages to its customers. Dronifleet is the national leader in UAV technology, manufacturing world-class drones for product deliveries and enterprise applications. This delivery drone can deliver a package directly to its customers, wherever they are. From ordering your food, coffee, medicines or convenience items Dronifleet's drone will deliver these items to your place just a handful of minutes later.


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