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Group for learning/practicing Persian (all levels welcome)!

About the organizer: I am an intermediate Farsi speaker who moved to London a few years ago. My goal for this Meetup is for individuals who are learning Farsi to get together and practice speaking (to the best they can). Even if you only know a few words - you are welcome to join! I'm not a teacher by any means, but I'll do my best to explain things, and try to facilitate discussion in a way so that everyone can participate, regardless of level.
Since Covid, most sessions have been held online. However, over time we also visit restaurants and attend various Persian events throughout the city.

1. What is the range of Persian spoken by members of the group?: Our members range from complete beginner to fluent, but the bulk of individuals who come to conversation practice range from beginner-intermediate to advanced-intermediate. Nearly every sentence spoken in our conversation practices are translated, so we go slowly and are a friendly group who are happy to pause, discuss and explain anything that is unclear.

2. I'm fluent in Persian - can I join? Yes, we welcome the help of fluent speakers. But a few notes/caveats.

i. Please keep in mind that this group is for learning/practicing Persian; it is not for meeting other Persians in London (there is another Meetup group for that). In fact, many group members are not Persian in heritage.

ii. Please recognize that newer learners of Persian can be more hesitant around fluent speakers, so if you join, please keep in mind that you might be seen as intimidating. So speak slowly, clearly and helpfully. Explanations and clarifications are extremely welcome, but please recognize that speaking time should be prioritized for learners (we've had some fluent speakers in the past view their role as one of a lecturer).

iii. Online sessions have limits on attendance, and spaces should go first to learners. Please do not be surprised or hurt if I ask you to not join an online session because we already have high attendance or other fluent speakers signed up.

iv. Our in-person events are social gatherings, with a heavier emphasis on English. They usually do not have space requirements, and are free-flowing/not structured. Anyone is welcome at these, with no limits on fluent speakers.

3. I'm a Farsi teacher; can I join? Unfortunately, no... this is not a space for official teaching/lessons; it is for conversation practice. Meetup unfortunately has a reputation for attracting people who wish to build their personal business and who use the platform to find customers/clients for this purpose. Even if this is not your intention, other individuals have made this rule needed.
That being said -- I do intend at some point to post occasional sessions run by real teachers so that group members have the opportunity (at their discretion) to see how some teachers run their lessons, and so they can choose to schedule lessons with those teachers on the side if they wish. If you are interested in this, please let me know and we can schedule a time for you to run a session for the group.

- Here is a whatsapp link that was created by some members of the group years ago (please note that I do not participate in it):  https://chat.whatsapp.com/invite/BpL82ZJD2vg5jT3T43QWle
- Here is a terrific discord channel for finding conversation partners or teachers: https://discord.gg/ZtuK6u5w
Rosetta Stone Online
Chai & Conversation (podcast & web materials)
- Persianbloom.com
Persianpod101.com (sign up for their daily vocab email)
Wyzant or Superprof or Italki. A few teachers I like are: https://www.italki.com/teacher/4984507 & https://www.italki.com/teacher/5169105 & Learn Persian (Farsi) online with Shabnam on italki
Colloquial Persian by Abdi Rafiee (Routledge book)
Anki cards (app or website for creating your own 'smart' flash cards) 
- Forvo.com (pronunciation help)
- Telegram channel with resources from one of our members : https://t.me/Haya565542
Additional Resources in London:

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