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Join learn to code, part of the Generate Entrepreneur Networking and Meetup community.

The learn to code sessions will be 2 hour per week course, (Tuesday or Wednesday) with an additional 4 hours per week additional at home tasks. The course is for absolute beginners and will begin with learning Swift, the official and most up to date language for building IOS (iPhone) apps.

Unlike most other coding courses, we will be making sure you have complete support from the very beginning. We will not be brushing off questions to the teacher with statements such as 'look yourself or google it' as has been the experience of many of the main coding schools.

The price per hour is only £20, and requires and includes the start-up materials you need. All sessions will be Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 6-8pm and requires 4 hours of home study through well explained course materials.

The first session will be on the 1st October, and students must enrol for at least 6 weeks and you will need to bring your own laptop and charging cable to each session. You will have the basics of the language down by the end of week 2 and you should be building simple apps by week 3, and the longer you stay, the more complex apps you will be able to build and the more rules, tips and guidelines you will learn.

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