What we're about

Never coded before but always wanted to see what the fuss is all about?

Here is your chance! Learn how to code, from scratch, using one of the most popular and powerful languages out there: Python. Taught by people with years of industry experience, with you, the newbie, in mind. We cover all major topics, so that by the end of the course, you will have your very own running website, for the world to see.

All you will need is a laptop! (Windows, Mac or Linux)

Our first meeting will be scheduled soon, to be conducted in Fairfax (actual venue TBD). Stay tuned!

Who might want to join this Meetup?

• you never programmed before but would like to learn

• you know other programming languages but would like to learn Python

• you have a job where it might make sense to learn a little coding

• you are curious and like learning new things

• you have a particular project in mind where knowledge of web programming in Python would come in handy

• your significant other codes and you want to make sense of some of the mystery

Website : https://CodeCachet.org

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