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Thinkful is building the world’s next workforce in Seattle with a skills and outcomes-based approach to learning. Students succeed with one-on-one mentorship from industry experts, career coaching and an online platform that allows for structured and flexible study schedules. Thinkful’s ever growing stable of programs includes Software Engineering, Data Science, Data Analytics, Product Management, and UX/UI Design.

Join us for free workshops, info sessions, tech talks and happy hours focused on building new skills and launching your career. Beginners learning to code, data scientists looking to level up, designers looking to transition to UX and everyone in between will find an event worth attending. We’re proud to be sponsored and supported by Thinkful Seattle (https://bit.ly/meetup-seattle), who contribute teams of experienced mentors and career coaches to every single workshop, meetup and tech talk.

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Thinkful is committed to creating an amazing local community and providing opportunities to collaborate, partner with, and sponsor fellow community organizations.

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Thinkful Webinar | Intro to HTML & CSS: Build Your Own Website

*** Please RSVP on Eventbrite to receive an email with your customized webinar link: https://bit.ly/38WNhXQ *** Curious about coding, but don’t know where to begin? This workshop is the perfect place to start. Join us as we teach you the fundamentals of HTML & CSS while building an interactive website. In this workshop, you'll learn the key concepts of HTML & CSS, which are the basic “building blocks” of all websites. You'll start building your own site with the help of our instructor and TAs, and you’ll leave with your own site live on the internet to share with your friends and family. Take a look at a live website created by a previous attendee here! https://ludicrous-mailbox.glitch.me/ What you will learn: - Basic Fundamentals HTML like tags, elements, and attributes - Basic Fundamentals of CSS like selectors, properties, and values - Learning about Margins, Borders, and Padding - And so much more...

Thinkful Webinar | Product Management Vs. UX/UI Design

Online event

*** Please RSVP on Eventbrite to receive an email with your customized webinar link: https://bit.ly/3iZwFDL *** Within the realm of tech, there has been massive growth in different job types and opportunities. UX/UI Design and Product Management are two of those critical roles on the cutting edge of this wave of digital transformation. However, knowing the differences between these roles and how to break into them can seem a little daunting. Join us as we break down the specifics that each role entails, along with how to get the skills to be successful in them. We’ll help you determine which one is your ideal next career choice and discuss the range of jobs that will be available to you once you’ve acquired those skills. What you will learn: - Compare a day in the life of both careers - Understand which one may be right for you - Resources to continue learning - And so much more...

Thinkful Webinar | Free Crash Course: JavaScript Fundamentals

*** Please RSVP on Eventbrite to receive an email with your customized webinar link: https://bit.ly/32kohc6 *** Ever wonder how websites work? How does clicking on this make that happen?? Join us and learn how to make a functioning website using the most popular programming language, JavaScript. JavaScript is the language of the browser, most websites you’ve ever visited were built with JavaScript. In this interactive workshop, we'll cover everything you need to know to begin your JavaScript journey, including different data types, variables, and functions. What you will learn: - Different Data Types, like strings, integers, and boolean - Basic JavaScript Function Structures - How to create if/else functions and use parameters - And so much more...

Thinkful Webinar | Level Up Your Career With Data Analytics

*** Please RSVP on Eventbrite to receive an email with your customized webinar link: https://bit.ly/2MHQhxj *** It can feel intimidating to change career paths. Choosing to learn data analytics skills is a natural choice when deciding what experience to add to enhance your resume. Data Analytics is a face growing career with boundless opportunities. Once you choose to learn this additional skill, you’ll face some big decisions about how to invest your time, energy, and money. But the payoff is literally life-changing: we know that you can land a high paying tech job, even if you have no previous experience. We’ve seen students change their whole trajectory after just a few months of learning, mentorship, and career coaching. And we want you to feel confident taking the next step. So we’re breaking it down. Find out why tech careers are in such high demand, what makes us different from our competition, and get a high-level overview of each of our courses. Start looking forward to your next chapter. What you will learn: - What it means to land a job in tech - The benefits of learning part-time vs. full-time (we offer both!) - An overview of our course topics - Our mentorship program and career support - Long-term student outcomes - What’s next Sponsored by Thinkful: This workshop is proudly sponsored by Thinkful, the #1 rated coding boot camp on CourseReport. Thinkful is a new type of school that brings high-growth tech careers to ambitious people everywhere. Thinkful provides 1-on-1 learning through its network of industry experts, hiring partners, and an online platform to deliver a structured and flexible education. To join the Thinkful network, visit thinkful.com.

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