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Learn to Meditate! Ishayas Ascension is ancient, simple and effortless practice for anyone. Ascension techniques are tools for meditation, inner understanding and expansion of consciousness. They are based on fundamental truths, Praise, Gratitude and Love. Because that is so, we don`t need to believe they they work.

We teachers of Ascension love to share this practice. This group is started for anyone interested to know more about it. To learn Ishayas Ascension we offer weekend format called First Sphere course. For coming courses in Sweden we will give information in this group. If you have wish to have weekend workshop near by you - please contact with teachers of Ascension.

Whenever life becomes hectic or crazy or you feel stressed out, you can Ascend – And from Ascending return to silence, to peace, to innocence... to the present moment.

The Art of Ascension is not a belief system, it is not a new religion or an old religion; it is a series of mechanical techniques that give both the mind and body exactly what they need/desire to work in optimal efficiency.

To explain how that works and what happens is a lot more difficult than the actual process of it happening while we are Ascending. However, essentially what happens is the accumulation of stress or fear, doubt and limited energy is washed away and we are left with a free and clear mind/body to approach our lives in appreciation, gratitude, love and compassion.

It is a very simple practice. No Belief is required for it to work...no mantra, no effort, no control. It is that simple and incredibly effective.

This Ancient Teaching is so effective it can be practiced not only as a meditation but also with the eyes open in the hustle and bustle of daily activities.

Since we have Introductory Talks, Meditation Workshops and Meetings around Finland and the world, please also visit our web site for updated schedules.



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