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The premise of this group is that, because most people need at least 1,000 hours of intensive exposure to English in order to truly master it, you can't expect to learn it in a classroom. Add it up. How many classes would that take? Also in a conventional class, the focus is generally on boring, complicated and often unhelpful topics like grammar, and you don't get the individual attention you need to really progress. Classes are not the real world and they usually don't prepare you for the world you actually live in.

THE UPSHOT IS THAT LEARNERS AT ALL LEVELS OF PROFICIENCY NEED TO TEACH AND KEEP TEACHING THEMSELVES. There are lots of ways to do that and more people available to help than you might think. Jack, your organizer, will demonstrate some of those techniques and suggest where to find language helpers. Group members are encouraged but not required to share their own ideas and successful learning strategies.

English learners at all levels of proficiency are welcome. Jack has taught English and Spanish for more than 15 years and has helped learners -- from beginners to advanced speakers -- master the language both through meetups and private lessons. His experience as a writer, editor and publisher make him especially qualified to help you.

The meetups are free and informal.

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More on How to Teach Yourself English

Thomas Jefferson Library

This meetup will feature descriptions -- by group members at all levels of proficiency and organizer Jack Hayes -- of techniques they have found most effective in teaching themselves English and other languages beyond the classroom. DON'T PLATEAU! If you feel stuck at your current level of knowledge of English, and conventional classes don't seem to help, come and let us help you figure out how to achieve a greater level of skill than you ever thought possible. Please bring your own ideas about what has helped you most and invite anyone you know who has learned English well to attend and explain how they did it. This meetup is free.

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Learn to Teach Yourself English - An Introduction

Thomas Jefferson Library

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