• Language learning apps — good and bad

    Thomas Jefferson Library

    We'll be discussing online English learning apps, social networks, etc., among them HelloTalk, italki, eslpod, Rachel's English on youtube, etc. In other words, ways that you can learn English online mostly on your own. We'd also like participants to share online methods of learning English that they have discovered. Bring a friend.

  • More on How to Teach Yourself English

    Thomas Jefferson Library

    This meetup will feature descriptions -- by group members at all levels of proficiency and organizer Jack Hayes -- of techniques they have found most effective in teaching themselves English and other languages beyond the classroom. DON'T PLATEAU! If you feel stuck at your current level of knowledge of English, and conventional classes don't seem to help, come and let us help you figure out how to achieve a greater level of skill than you ever thought possible. Please bring your own ideas about what has helped you most and invite anyone you know who has learned English well to attend and explain how they did it. This meetup is free.

  • Learn to Teach Yourself English - An Introduction

    Thomas Jefferson Library

    Organizer Jack Hayes will describe some of the insights he has gleaned from his years of experience teaching English as a Second Language as well as Spanish. He will share what he has learned about why many non-native English speakers never really master the language; and he'll pass along techniques you can use to learn English faster on your own than you can in any class.