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Hello! This is a safe and comfortable workshop for people with Mobile/Digital or Film cameras, wanting to see how to walk through life as a photographer including how to understand the camera/device as an extension of yourself. Discover why it's easier for some to photograph than it is for others, realizing both your comfort levels and your interests.

I will help you see that selfies are a modern form of an age-old concept that all photography is self portraiture, by my showing you this, the images you share will feel much more substantial. Exposures, film/sensor sensitivity, apertures, RAW vs .jpg, available light photography and when to use image stacking or HDR. Light metering, and why your camera adapts to light the way that it does, is the most technical of all of this and easy enough to explain. The camera I carry can transmit a live-view image, so it can be used as a classroom of it'self, with the help of a simple app called CamFi.

This workshop will help you begin to understand why you photograph and what you can do to say through an image. Learn to edit these images, and hear varying philosophies relevant to the decisions that are made in this process, so that you can know more and more before you photograph the next time.

If you're new to your equipment, or new to the concept of "life-photography", "environmental portraits", or want to finally make nice sunset photographs then this is also for you.

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