Data Science Lightning Talks

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Data Science lighting talks are on again!

Brian Gerspacher: Will I Die Poor? Combining life expectancy and wealth projection to determine if I'll outlive my savings.
Jeremy Ellis: Making Machine Learning easier using single HTML file Tensorflowjs
Anmol Sharma: MM-GAN: Synthesizing Missing MR Pulse Sequences using Multi-Modal GAN
Ian Flores: TBD

The 4 lightning talks will be given in a modified Pecha Kucha style, which is detailed below.

If you are interested in giving a lightning talk in the future, please contact a host via or the VanTech slack
- #datasciencelightning
- @salvor7
- @lstmemery

Doors at 6pm
Talks from 6:30 to 7:30
7:30 Mingle and then head for food and drinks near by at Rogue.

Data Science Lightning Presentation Rules
- The subject should be something about data science.
- Total Length: 360 to 400 seconds
- Slide length: 10 to 40 seconds
- Prepare for 10 minutes of questions after each presentation.

- A slide is any change in content from the last slide.
- A new slide must have new content or be a noticeably altered version of the previous.
- Title page that is up before you start and a reference page you leave up during questions do not need to be included in your timings.