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Learn Guitar - Sunday Edition

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Learn to Play Guitar and/or Bass Guitar

The most important thing, after your personal desire and motivation to play, is knowing, with some degree of certainty, just what it is that you are trying to accomplish. With that in hand, then, for every skill that you choose to confront, it is essential that you know, in your own mind, exactly what to think about while you are practicing that skill. In other words, what is my mental or conscious focus while practicing a given skill?

This group hosts guitar classes in the Lake City /Morrow / Jonesboro area and is dedicated to committed students of guitar. We expect that members will practice regularly and attend classes. Please be aware that your profile MUST provide a face photo.

It is recommended that members commit to, at least, 2 hours of practice, per week. Anything less will not result in progress..

To recover costs, dues are assessed at $10 / month / member. Members may attend classes only if their dues status is active.

Also note that guests are not allowed to attend classes, though new members may attend one (1) class within two (2) weeks of joining, prior to paying dues.

This group will, as one of it's primary goals, help you to focus your learning in such a way that will help to guarantee the outcome that you desire.

There is more to this site than to support the classes, themselves. Don't miss the additional resources that are available in the Pages and Discussion tabs.

The Pages tab attempt to summarize the material covered in the classes.

The Discussion tab offers members the ability to collaborate with each other and to ask / answer questions.

All SERIOUS students of guitar are welcome.

Note that private lessons can be arranged via the following URL:

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