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Hypnosis is not what you think...... For starters, you've been using it your whole life.

You joined this group to find out how hypnosis works, to experience it first hand, and learn how to use it to improve your personal, professional and social life.

You are also here to help influence, heal, grow and protect your mind and the minds of your loved ones.

In these workshops, you are getting a fun, practical, and easy to understand experience of how hypnosis impacts a person’s everyday life – including your own – and how to make it work to your advantage with a win-win attitude.

Whether you are a concerned parent, a good friend, committed educator, “heart-centered” healer, or are in some way responsible for the well-being of others, this group is about revealing the deep psychology of all the ways you (and everyone else) can be influenced to feel, think, and behave.


WARNING! Before we go on, I have to make one thing clear:

Hypnosis is neutral.

Hypnosis is how language and other forms of communication are already affecting you in both good and bad ways, but Hypnosis is only as good or bad as the intentions of the person who uses it.

It can also be both harmful and helpful REGARDLESS of your intentions.

Either way, we all share the same power to influence, lead, and persuade ourselves and each other to do and think extraordinary and terrible things, so I have to make one thing very clear...

If you have anything other than a positive intention for being in this group - please exit now.

Now.. The first thing you need to know is....

...We’re all hypnotists - yes, even if you don't know it. See this quick pick:



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