What we're about

Hypnosis is not what you think...... For starters, you've been using it your whole life.

You joined this group to find out how hypnosis works, to experience it first hand, and learn how to use it to improve your personal, professional and social life.

You are also here to help influence, heal, grow and protect your mind and the minds of your loved ones.

In these workshops, you are getting a fun, practical, and easy to understand experience of how hypnosis impacts a person’s everyday life – including your own – and how to make it work to your advantage with a win-win attitude.

Whether you are a concerned parent, a good friend, committed educator, “heart-centered” healer, or are in some way responsible for the well-being of others, this group is about revealing the deep psychology of all the ways you (and everyone else) can be influenced to feel, think, and behave.


WARNING! Before we go on, I have to make one thing clear:

Hypnosis is neutral.

Hypnosis is how language and other forms of communication are already affecting you in both good and bad ways, but Hypnosis is only as good or bad as the intentions of the person who uses it.

It can also be both harmful and helpful REGARDLESS of your intentions.

Either way, we all share the same power to influence, lead, and persuade ourselves and each other to do and think extraordinary and terrible things, so I have to make one thing very clear...

If you have anything other than a positive intention for being in this group - please exit now.

Now.. The first thing you need to know is....

...We’re all hypnotists - yes, even if you don't know it. See this quick pick:


A hypnotist can affect your thought, feelings, and behaviour. Affect one, and you affect them all.

Imagine your state of mind as a set of thoughts feelings and behaviours.

If a person changes the thoughts you're thinking, gives you a good idea, makes you laugh, or asks you to hold their phone while they tie their shoe, they've changed your state.

State is just another word for trance.


You brain is swimming in the influence of ideas, opinions, habits, beliefs, worldviews, values, morals, and ethics...

...and virtually all of that influence came from someone else... like teachers, parents, and advertisers and politicians.

Since the day you were born you've been hypnotized to move from one state to another - it's part of our normal everyday functions.

So what does it mean if you know HOW to hypnotize someone...?

Be Warned - these consequences are irreversible:

Irreversible Consequence #1:

You Will Be Able To Read Between The Lines Of What Others Are Saying And Better Understand What They Might Be Thinking

You’ll Stop Being A Victim Of The Negativity Of Others

You’ll Discover Fluency In A Universal Language More Important Than Any Other You Can Speak

You Will Rarely Find Yourself Arguing Or Fighting With People To Get Your Point Across… Getting Along With People Will Be Easier Than Ever, And You Will Be Able To Better Understand What People Want, And Effectively Communicate What You Want To Others

You Will Bring Out The Best In People And They Will Put Their Faith And Trust In You. People Will Start Treating You Better, Wanting To Help You, And Even Give You Things For Free.

You Will Have More Of A Choice About Who Is Allowed To Impact Your Life, And How They Are Allowed To Do It, And The Affect You Can Have On The Ones You Love And Care About Could Dramatically Improve Their Experience Of Life

You Can Become A Leader That Others Will Respect And Admire. People Will Trust You, And With Good Reason.

Irreversible Consequence #2:

You Will Discover The Natural Skills of an Expert Hypnotist…

Complete Strangers Will Naturally Open Up To You – And They’ll Feel Better Off For Meeting You.

You’ll Awaken Your Internal “Guidance System” That Always Points You To The Right Thing To Do, Say, Or Ask To Transform And Influence Effectively

You’ll Trigger The Fundamentally Hypnotic States Of Learning, Change, And Growth In Yourself And Others

You Will Be Able To Help Virtually Any Person With Solving Virtually Any Issue. And FAST!

Irreversible Consequence #3:

You Will Be Able To Create The Mind You Want, And Unleash The Talents And Skills You Didn’t Even Know You Had - At Will!

As You Are Learning Hypnosis And Becoming Happier, Healthier, More Confident, More In Control Of Your Life And Your Thoughts, You May Potentially Even Start Looking And Feeling Better Than You Ever Have

You’ll Have The Ability To Become Whatever You Can Imagine Yourself Being.

You Will Find Opportunities Falling Into Your Lap, Seemingly Out Of Nowhere, And You Will Instinctively Know How To Maximize Your Successes And Come Out A Winner – Even Through The Most Bleak And Unforgiving Circumstances.

The Best Part Is – You Will Have The Keys Unlock Your True Potential. Persistent Mental Blocks Will Be A Thing Of The Past.

There’s no magic, there’s no luck...

...but as you’ll find out soon enough, your mind is hardwired to give you everything that it can possibly give you in the best way that it knows how, right now… All you need to do is tell it what you want…

And I'm going to show you how to do that.

There are 3 Regular Workshops. Read Below to find out which ones you'll want to be attending.

If you’re looking to make some kind of difference in the world and help people, check out the Force For Good Workshops, where you can:

- Become a force for good, whether it’s brightening a friend’s day, dissolving someone’s phobia, potentially “curing” addictions, or leading an oppressed minority to freedom

- Ease physical, emotional, psychological, and even psychosomatic pain (even giving birth can be potentially enjoyable)

- Imagine saving a person’s life, or marriage, future, friendship, because you learned how to use hypnosis to EMPOWER yourself and those around you and open minds to possibilities…

- Create change inside of a regular conversation – you’re just having a chat and for some reason a person’s problems can just melt away

- Open people minds to their own inner strengths to overcome any problem, pain, and fear

- Use “Language Patterns” to shift beliefs and patterns of thinking which caused people to unstick people from their problems

- Help people become aware of the resources and solutions that they already had, but didn’t know it

If you’d like to improve your social and conversation skills, the Everyday Hypnosis Workshops focus on developing the charisma and charm of some of the most magnetic personalities in history.

The Everyday Hypnosis Sessions are about:

- Understanding the hypnotic affect that others have on you, and how to make decisions about when and how you will allow yourself to be influenced (hypnotized)

- How to block out unwanted influence, and even potentially reverse it into something positive

- Ensuring you will never accidentally use your powers to do harm to the ones you love.

- Practicing Harmlessly Hilarious And Fun Mind Games, and watch your friends “forget” their names, glue their feet to the floor, laugh uncontrollably and more

- Developing a magnetic, powerful and charismatic personality

- Exuding an internal conviction strong enough for people to trust in

- Emitting an exuberance that can light up a room

- Inspiring others to become better people

- What international organizations like Apple and Google have in common with Hitler, Jesus, and Gandhi that motivate and unite people – from an individual level to a societal level.

- Making Deep Connections and Meaningful Relationships with more people in less time and attracting the RIGHT kind of people into your life

- Discovering how to use the oldest and most secret communication strategy that has been used since before the written word to unconsciously program information on the deepest subconscious level

- Make incredible speeches and presentations that win people over.

The rest of the sessions are planned for play and experimenting with your own mind.

Discover what true genius lies inside you at the Unleash Your Potential Workshops.

Nobody really knows the extent of our abilities. There’s a myth going around that we only use about 10% of our brain, and the rest is sitting there.. collecting dust…

…but that’s not true! We’re using 100% of our brains, 100% of the time in many different ways, but we might not be using it very efficiently. It’s really like we’re driving a rocket-powered racecar through rush hour.

Now here is the coolest part – you have an unconscious mind that acts like the chauffeur for your racecar. You want to lift your hand, and it lifts your hand. When you learn something, it files and stores away the knowledge for you. If you’re in danger, it’s the first one to let you know.

And its only purpose is to do your bidding.

The Unleash Your Potential Workshops are about communicating with your unconscious chauffeur so you can:

- Shape your own neurology and take command of your unconscious mind to “raise” your intelligence and awareness

- Manipulate your perception of time so you can get more things done, improve your reflexes, think more quickly, and even master a skill (in less than 10,000 hours).

- Discover A Past Life

- “Absorb” the talents, skills, and personality traits of others, and be amazed at how easy it is to learn from the masters

- Design Your Future, And Watch It Automatically Unfold as your life naturally flows in the direction you’ve always wanted

- Unlock Your Photographic Memory and remember every detail of any part of your past

- Have Out-Of-Body Experiences and potentially visit other places while you stay safely at home, or in the session…

- Have Four-Minute Orgasms (Not four minutes TO orgasm) and controlling your physical sensations to feel anything you want for as long as you want

- Manufacture Luck by programming your mind to see opportunities where others see nothing.

- Lucid Dream to live another lifetime while your body rests and recharges...

…And More

Are all of these experiences real? Can you actually leave your body? There are some experiences that we aren't sure are "real" or not yet, and there is no definitive answer.

But the issue isn't whether it’s real – the issue is whether or not you want experience it, and if the answer is yes, then the Harness Your Talents Sessions will give you the tools to do it.

You will also learn from guest speakers and experts from all over the world sharing their expertise and experience with you in all of these areas, and how they use their hypnotic abilities to enrich their own lives and the lives of others.

Hypnosis is real, and it is affecting every aspect of your life.


If you want to be sure that:

- You are only getting the best effects from hypnosis

- Your mind is Safe from the negative influence of others

- You can help people (or at least make sure you’re not doing any harm)

- Your mind will do your bidding and give you the most successful life possible

...then you are invited to become a member of this group!

When you attend private trainings for hypnosis, you’re usually looking at paying $997 (minimum) for an incredibly detailed, educational and transformative 6-day course, and it could very well be one of the best investments that you could make.

Many would-be hypnotists charge way more than that for a mediocre training.

These weekly sessions free you from having to travel halfway across the world to train with the international leaders and innovators that I've learned from, and the shroud of mystery that used to make hypnosis inaccessible is gone.

You'll be getting access to top-of-the-line education, and every opportunity to pursue you curiosity in every aspect of hypnosis, including interviews, hands-on training, and lectures about the deepest darkest secrets of humanity - our minds and its effect on societies and civilizations.

You'll also be part of a diverse community of fellow hypnotists to practice with, share ideas, and have a safe, fun, and comfortable environment to practice with.

If you've been to other hypnosis or NLP trainings before, you know how frustrating it is when you come home, totally excited, filled with great ideas and a lot of incredible experiences. You feel like the best hypnotist in the world, but then slowly you lose the abilities you thought you had, as the energy dissipated and there was nobody to keep your skills up with.

Here's your solution:

You can come learn and practice with us for free.

The people who will benefit the most from learning hypnosis are:


Social Activists

Aid Workers




Public Relations Specialists

Nonprofit Groups




Business Owners

Anyone who bears responsibility for the well-being of others…

…and yes, that includes politicians!


If you have anything other than the best intentions for the use of your hypnosis skills, please leave this Meetup group, and forget you ever heard about hypnosis. If we find out you are using hypnosis to purposefully manipulate or cause harm, you will be exposed within the international hypnosis community and disavowed from every reputable hypnosis education institution, association, and organization of any kind and you will never be welcome to study hypnosis anywhere, ever again.

So if you intend to become a better human being and take control over your life and your future, click the link that says “Join Group” and be notified of all the upcoming meetups.

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