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My name is Sachiko Goodyear. I am a forager and organizer of this meetup. Our mission is to gather together as a community and have fun teaching, learning and practicing sustainable living through our wilderness adventures in our backyards and beyond.

Some history... This meetup group was formerly called the "Suburban Foragers" because our group of friends had planned to host weekly walks and events, but it was a lot of work to upkeep and we eventually stopped posting events here. You can still follow Paul Tappenden (my mentor), herbalist Elana Fine and herbalist Joy Buckout on Facebook. I personally couldn't keep up as organizer, once I went back to commuting to a full time job as an instructional designer. I also have a family to look after. Dan Farella of Return to Nature was the only organizer who continued to post events and thus kept this meetup group alive.

These days, I have a bit more time to spare and I would like to see this meetup become a thriving and active community and resource for foragers everywhere. I invite everyone to please feel free to use this as a forum to post foraging related events.

Keep in mind that meetups cost money to maintain so I would really appreciate donations to keep this group going, however, I have no intention of charging a membership fee. If you are posting events where you collect money from your event, I expect you to make a decent monetary contribution to this meetup, since you are taking advantage of our membership, whether or not you've made any sales from advertising here. I don't make any money from this so I am not especially thrilled to be shouldering the cost and have considered shutting down this meetup many times. The only reason I haven't is because people keep joining every week! And I don't have to heart to do it.

Also, this group is run by volunteers, who come and go, so please be patient if you don't see many events posted or don't receive an immediate response to messages. It would be wonderful if we could get a couple of dedicated volunteers to to pitch in with organizing.

We reserve the right to remove abusive or suspicious members. Please post a profile picture of your lovely face and an authentic description of yourself and your intentions. If you are hiding from the NSA, you shouldn't be on social media. This isn't the forum to pretend to be Mr. Anonymous.

Our intention is to gather together as friends, in the spirit of community and collaboration.

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