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Hands on Samourai Dojo Installation

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Hands on Samourai Dojo Installation


  • Online Event!!! -

Wait, likewhoa is teaching a workshop on how to install Samourai Dojo!? Can't miss this! likewhoa is a developer, trader, life enthusiast, and bitcoin mixologist. Dojo is an end-to-end Bitcoin full node that powers Samourai Wallet and other light wallets for stronger coinjoin privacy.

In this workshop "likewhoa" is going to teach us how to install and configure Samourai Dojo on our home server, using Docker and we’ll learn about the different ways to maintain and monitor your installation in the future.

..: Things we’re going to learn :..

  • Samourai Dojo architecture walk through
  • Dojo configuration settings explained
  • Dojo tool options
  • Dojo installation
  • Dojo maintenance tool
  • Using TorBrowser to connect to our Dojo services
  • How to upgrade, monitor your Dojo services
  • Pairing our Samourai Wallet to our Dojo instance
  • How to use the Whirlpool GUI

..: Event requirements :..

To participate in the hands on workshop you need to meet these requirements.

  • A Linux x86_64 environment with docker support or a Raspberry Pi4
  • A minimum 500G size SSD drive (Recommend 1TB for long term use)

..: Hardware recommendations :..

For Raspberry Pi4 users, these two different options are known to work well. My current setup for this event uses the NVMe combo. These recommendation are for users buying the hardware for the first time.

  1. NVMe combo
  • Samsung 970 EVO Plus SSD 1TB

  • Plugable USB C to M.2

  • Anker USB 3.0 10-Port Hub

The USB hub is for powering your NVMe drive.

  1. External SSD combo
    Samsung (MU-PA1T0B/AM) T5 Portable SSD


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