What we're about

This meetup is a place for people who are interested in making learning happen! You might be a classroom teacher, a coach, a curriculum designer or a publisher. You might work at an ed-tech start-up, a social enterprise, a university or an online school. What you all have in common is a creative process through which you make face-to-face or digital experiences for learners. In our eyes that makes you Learner Experience Designers!

As this is an emerging area of practice, we want to bring people together to exchange, learn and support one another in the work that we do for our learners. We want to explore some of the following questions:

• What does learner experience design (LXD) mean to different people?

• What makes a good or a bad learner experience (LX)?

• In what ways can we impact the experience our learners have?

• How can we build a shared language and body of knowledge that support best practice in our industry?

This meetup will provide an opportunity for sharing and collaboration and a space for experimentation and exploration of new ideas. We will highlight great work that is being done and come together to solve specific problems and discuss relevant topics.

Ultimately this meetup will help us all to design better experiences.

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