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This meetup is a place for people who are interested in making learning happen! You might be a classroom teacher, a coach, a curriculum designer or a publisher. You might work at an ed-tech start-up, a social enterprise, a university or an online school. What you all have in common is a creative process through which you make face-to-face or digital experiences for learners. In our eyes that makes you Learner Experience Designers!

As this is an emerging area of practice, we want to bring people together to exchange, learn and support one another in the work that we do for our learners. We want to explore some of the following questions:

• What does learner experience design (LXD) mean to different people?

• What makes a good or a bad learner experience (LX)?

• In what ways can we impact the experience our learners have?

• How can we build a shared language and body of knowledge that support best practice in our industry?

This meetup will provide an opportunity for sharing and collaboration and a space for experimentation and exploration of new ideas. We will highlight great work that is being done and come together to solve specific problems and discuss relevant topics.

Ultimately this meetup will help us all to design better experiences.

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Movements X Peer Learning: Unearthing the potential

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Can peer-to-peer learning amplify, deepen and accelerate the efforts of movement for change? And if yes, how?

As our planet experiences more rapid environmental change, humans may need to take one from the dolphins, encouraging innovation and knowledge sharing both between and within generations. Wisdom passed from parent to child is crucial for survival, but when new ideas can also spread from peer-to-peer, a population’s resilience will increase exponentially.

This quote is from Ask Nature, part of an article describing how dolphins use peer-to-peer learning to spread innovations, like using shells as tools for catching fish.

It’s a beautiful illustration from the natural world. When environmental conditions are stable, animals will rely on the wisdom of their parents or other elders in the group. But when there is rapid environmental change, it serves to become more experimental and more peer-to-peer.

As our environmental conditions destabilise around us, how can we put this learning into practice, in our lives, our work, and in our movements?

Movements for change are the currents which could transport us to a future where we can thrive. But they are moving against the tide. At Huddlecraft we're imagining a 'surge' in peer-to-peer learning, across multiple movements, that might amplify, deepen and accelerate their efforts.

In this event, we’ll bring together 4 speakers with experience from 4 different movements, to test the appetite and potential of peer-to-peer learning to amplify their impact.

You'll hear from:

We'll have 90 minutes to really dig into this discussion. Each speaker will share their perspective, we’ll facilitate a fishbowl discussion and there'll be opportunities (for those who want to) to join the conversation.

We aim to build a more nuanced picture of:

  • How learning processes support movements for change
  • The potential of peer learning to amplify the impact of movements
  • The opportunities and barriers when it comes to unearthing this potential

This event is for you if:

  • You're part of a movement for change
  • You apply learning (and/or P2P learning) strategically to create change
  • You support movements for change, e.g. through funding

This event will take place on Zoom, with automatic transcription available. If you have further access needs, please email [masked] and we’ll do our best to support this.

Event series:
This event is part of an event series where we're exploring and responding to this question: Could we create a surge of peer-to-peer learning, to amplify the impact of movements for change? Find out more and join us for the journey.

The Abundancy Fund:
All proceeds from this event will go to the Abundancy Fund for inclusive learning, which provides bursaries for underrepresented or under-resourced folks to participate in peer-to-peer learning Huddles.


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Learning as activism: how to do it

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