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Learning “Machine Learning” by Example

A quick overview
There are several online machine learning courses offered right now, Coursera (, Udacity (, Caltech (, Stanford ( This course is based on the “learning by example” principle. The students will be introduced in machine learning algorithms and data analysis techniques by actively working on a real dataset.

Course style
In this course we will not follow the traditional lecturing style with powerpoint style. It will be taught in lab sessions. We will have an one hour session every week. The instructor will present an algorithm along with a dataset. The students will use the language of their preference to code the algorithm and then apply it to the dataset.

Tools, hardware
The preferred language is python along with the platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which day of the week will the course take place? Most likely every Friday 4pm to 6pm
When does the course begin? November 9th
Where do you meet every week? The course will take place in the LogicBlox office
Can people participate remotely? We are thinking seriously about that
Does the course include homeworks? Not in the way you mean it in college. You are not expected though to finish the lab assignments in the 2 hour sessions. You are expected to spend at least another 2 hours or more depending on how deeply you want to go into machine learning
Is there a limit for the number of people attending the class? Unfortunately we cannot host more than 15 people. We can probably accommodate about 20 more remote students
Will you provide the hardware for the course? You will have to bring your own laptop. We will try to get a cloud cluster for running the large scale jobs
Do I have to pay? No the course is for free

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