UX/UI with Learning Tech Labs


UI is the functional, visual structure that helps you interact with your devices. An interface takes the form of pages, icons, and buttons, each representing a specific way users can engage with a site. Generally speaking, all fixed design elements, like headers and footers, fall under the category of UI. They're what holds the roof up and keeps the lights on.

The term ‘UX design’ is used to refer to the approaches and methods employed to make sure that a website is entirely tailored and customized for its target market. If an online platform does not appeal to a certain type of audience, it is likely to be quickly forgotten.

The importance of UX is huge for early-stage startups because they often lack a robust reputation to fall back on. In fact, their chance at future success is generally pinned on the quality of their online platforms, as they provide potential customers with an enduring first impression.


To address these topics and answer your questions are:

Evangelos Kapros - UX @ Learnovate

Evangelos is the lead UX Designer and Researcher at the Learnovate Centre in Trinity College. He is particularly interested in the Usability of Educational Technology. Evangelos is also interested in interfaces for Adaptive Information Systems and news applications, HCI, and Data Visualisation. http://ekapros.eu/

Fiona McAndrew - UX @ Learnovate

Fiona is a product designer who currently works alongside fellow designers, technologists, learning experts, and industry partners at the Learnovate Centre, a learning technology research centre. Alongside consulting on a vast range of learning technology projects, Fiona leads the design aspects of DEVELOP, a €3 million H2020 research project collaboration between 9 large European academic and industrial partners. The aim of DEVELOP is to deliver an adaptive learning environment that dynamically tailors the exploration, comprehension, and planning of learning opportunities and career paths in medium and large companies. https://www.linkedin.com/in/fionamcandrew/ & https://twitter.com/McAndrewFiona