• How to Win at College

    West Asheville Library

  • How to Win at School - a Workshop for Teens and Their Parents

    Church of Jesus Christ of LDS - Sweeten Creek

    School is almost always the most important influence, outside of the family, on a child's self-esteem and achievement. If your teen feels like he or she is losing in the game of school, that experience can become a life-long painful influence. In this workshop, you will... * Discover the three profound secrets to school success that we never really talk about, so that you will feel much more in control of what takes place in your child's education; *See why almost all parents and students worry about the wrong things, so that you can focus on what really matters to your child; * Understand how to plan for academic achievement and college admissions, so that you can have confidence in that stage of your child's life; * Rekindle your hope in positive family relationships related to school, so that you can really enjoy the years together with your teen. My own father was dean of admissions at Stanford and at Princeton, and he was chairman of the College Board--and yet, even in our family, we never openly talked to me what was really going on in school. Honestly, I’m not sure he actually understood. That may sound crazy given his career, but you'll understand when I tell you the story. I’ve worked with teachers and librarians for the last fifteen years, and I created what is widely considered the first real modern social network for teachers, Classroom 2.0. I have 150,000 teachers and librarians in my online communities and I hold large-scale, worldwide online education conferences, with tens of thousands of attendees, and hundreds of online sessions, annually. For my Future of Education interview series, I interviewed 400 educators, authors, and thought leaders. I'm writing a book called "How to Win at the Game of School" and this workshop is about me sharing with you some important information, and then letting you tell me your own stories and experiences. The Facebook event is at https://www.facebook.com/events/648763658969670/.

  • "Wounded by School" - Discussing the Impacts of Compulsory Schooling

    GIVEN THE LOW RESPONSE (CURRENTLY 1!) THIS WILL BE HELD AT OUR HOUSE. EMAIL [masked] FOR ADDRESS AND DIRECTIONS. We'll look at the ways in which schooling can negatively impact students' views of themselves, their ability to learn, and their ability to be self-directed in life. The goal will be to build a list of potential projects or activities that could help such students. Not all students have bad experiences at school, but I believe that the one things schools are really good at doing is teaching most students that they are not good at learning. While the narrative of schooling is the growth and cultivation of individual capability, the reality of schooling for most students is learning to live in a system of control and compliance. Current students welcome and encouraged to join.

  • Education, Inc. - Movie Screening

    70 Woodfin Pl

    If the response to this event grows, we'll change venues, so do check back. Education, Inc. A documentary about how money and politics are changing our schools. "American public education is in controversy. As public schools across the country struggle for funding, complicated by the impact of poverty and politics, some question the future and effectiveness of public schools in the U.S. For free-market reformers, private investors and large education corporations, this controversy spells opportunity in turning public schools over to private interests. Education, Inc. examines the free-market and for-profit interests that have been quietly and systematically privatizing America’s public education system under the banner of “school choice.”Education, Inc. is told through the eyes of parent and filmmaker Brian Malone, as he travels cross-country in search of the answers and sources behind the privatizing of American public education, and what it means for his kids. With striking footage from school protests, raucous school board meetings and interviews with some of the most well known educators in the country, Malone zooms out to paint a clear picture of profit and politics that’s sweeping across the nation, right under our noses." http://edincmovie.com/

  • "Reinventing Education" Event

    Highsmith University Union Bldg (First Floor, Alumni Hall)

    "The best way to predict the future is to invent it." -Alan Kay This is the second annual "Reinventing Education" event. Join us for this two-day opportunity to connect and collaborate with colleagues from the school, library, museum, and home learning worlds--and anyone interested in reinventing how we think about and facilitate learning. This event combines the unconference format of Steve Hargadon's Learning Revolution events with Matt Murrie's better-than-TED "What If...?360" format of short talks and action collaboration. We hope you will join us for an engaging, dialog-filled, highly-participatory retreat with lots of opportunities for deep-dive conversations. This is a paid event. Scholarships are available; information at... WEBSITE: http;//www.reinventing.education. FACEBOOK EVENT: https://www.facebook.com/events/719991828097760/ To register, go to http://reinventingeducationavl.eventbrite.com.

  • Reinventing Education - FREE What If...? talks

    Brown Hall (for campus dining) to the Mountain Rooms at Highsmith Union, UNCA

    We had so many great speakers apply to our Reinventing Education event that we've accepted a few extra, and are offering their talks on Friday, February 27 for FREE. This is great to share with friends who have been thinking about coming to the conference, but weren't sure about the ticket price. Please join us for this chance to hear three amazing speakers speak for 8 minutes, after which the audience gets to "hack the ask" in a "dump, discuss, and design" format hosted by the What If...? conference's fearless leader, Matt Murrie. The schedule for our FREE What If...? talks on Friday are: 6:00 PM - Dinner meetup at Brown Hall (campus dining), UNCA 8:00 PM - "What If...?" talks in the Mountain Rooms, Highsmith Union, UNCA Carol Teitelman - What if we REALLY knocked down the walls of the classroom? Ken Morrill - What if our students designed through impossibleness for multiple futures? Rebecca Heiss - What if we gave students the ability to guide their own education through personal experience and interest? For the full conference information (Friday - Sunday), see: www.reinventing.education. (http://www.reinventing.education)

  • First meetup to start talking about the learning revolution...

    A chance to start talking with others, find out what kind of independent thinking about learning is taking place locally, and see what kind of meetings we want to have: topic-based, more alt ed movie viewing, homeschool conference planning, or...? Come and we'll figure it out together.