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Conference Call: Eight explorations
Please join us for a conference call. We will continue with our introductory course called "Eight Explorations" (Please see below for instructions on how to get the reading material). Each one of the eight “exploration” sessions entitled “Rosycross and Gnosis” is preceded by an introduction. These introductory pages are not intended as a compendium of the subject of the exploration but rather as a help for preparation and inspiration.The introductions and explorations touch upon thoughts and questions arising in all human beings who are looking for the source that can explain their existence. The intention of the explorations “Rosycross and Gnosis” is to enter into conversation about this. Friends, unfortunately, we can't use meetup email to send a copy of the reading materials to those who RSVP "yes. Please request introductory course reading material from . Thank you! Phone: (605) 475-4350 Passcode (enter when prompted): 139-3113 Hope you can join us,

Lectorium Rosicrucianum

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The Lectorium Rosicrucianum, the International School of the Golden Rosecross, is a modern Spiritual School in continuation of the age-old tradition of Mystery Schools. This Spiritual School is supported by a community of people for whom the renewed development of the inner being is the foremost object in their lives. Their inner self is aimed at the rebirth of the soul, at making it possible for the Divine Principle in the heart to reawaken. In this focussed endeavour the Rosicrucian’s actions are no longer self-centred but centered on the Divine Principle – also called the Spirit Spark Atom – within him or her.

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