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Have you wondered why you are not getting the results you expected even with high correlation models? Has there been significant improvement in your company's growth since the data analytics function was incorporated in your company's structure?

These workshops provide a global approach to statistical modeling, from consumer behavior to business decision making across many different industries. Many times Solomon take what you have been taught and turns it on its head!

Two courses are taught based on Solomon’s 40-years in industry. Examples are taken from his real-world business working experience. The YouTube video of the bootcamp on these courses, organized MagniMind Academy is here, https://youtu.be/QQ_qRUk4oXQ .

A. Practical Statistical Modeling
B. Inferring Private Information from Public Data

1. How to build good logical models from the data using statistics
2. How to use errors to build better models
3. How to infer private information from public data using proven AIR models

Attendee Benefits:
Attendees will have a much better grasp of concepts with respect to building and testing logical models. Several new methods to building logical models are introduced. Practice exercises are provided. Much of this material is not taught in college.

Data Analyst, Financial Analysts, Risk Analysts, Mortgage Analysts, Strategy Consultants, Business Managers, UI/UX web designers and all who use data, financial statements and/or work with business strategy.

Venue: South Bay, CA
Class Size: Limited to 12 attendees
Duration: (A) 1-day (B) 1 day

Biographical Information:
Solomon has 40-years solving business problems at Texas Instruments, Westport (Malaysia), Coopers & Lybrand (PwC), GMAC, UMB Bank, and Key Bank. He has 10-years is stress testing and wrote the article “The Fed’s Bank Stress Test is Wrong” for SeekingAlpha.com. He has built manufacturing systems for Texas Instruments, solved the strategy for Westport (Malaysia) and solved supply-chain issues for Unilever (Malaysia) and worked as a Senior Credit Analyst reviewing Commercial & Industrial loan. His numerous publications are available at http://www.iseti.us/pdf/PaperReference.pdf .

In 2012 Solomon invented a new class of solutions, Asymmetric Information Resolution (AIR) models to infer private information from public data. AIR models handle both data and anecdotal information with which you can test outcomes, and what & how your competitors can and cannot do.

Solomon has a Master’s degree in finance (1995) from the University College Dublin (Ireland). A second Master’s degree (1982) in operations research from the ivy league university, Lancaster University (UK, 1982) and a Bachelor’s in Electrical & Electrical Engineering (1979) from Aston University (UK, 1979).

With 21-years of using data analysis in the foundations of physics Solomon discovered the first massless equation for gravitational acceleration in 300-years. Proved that the gravitational constant is not constant but a coefficient of isotopic mass, and has completed a study on how probability and randomness is implemented in Nature. Solomon now runs the MeetUp group, Gravity Modification Today ( https://www.meetup.com/Gravity-Modification-Today/ ) with the expectation of building a prototype engine, based on engineering design principles. that lifts off, within the next few months.

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