What we're about

I would like to start a group for people to come along and practice reading aloud their own, or others' writing.

If you are interested in the following, do consider coming along.
- Creative writing
- Poetry
- Journalism/article writing
- Songwriting
- Any kind of writing, really! Anything!
- Improving your public speaking
- Improving your social confidence
- Techniques for coping with anxiety disorders or panic disorder
- Creative therapies
- Art - maybe you could bring a piece of art you've made to talk about and get feedback on?

In full disclosure, I am starting this group because I have an intense fear of speaking in front of people, even in small groups. (This is a small part of a mental health issue I have).
I have an even stronger desire to overcome that fear of speaking.
And I love creative writing, and making art!

If 2 or more people fancy it, let's organise an evening to meet somewhere in the Ledbury area. Or perhaps a Sunday.
Just for an hour or so at first. We might love it so much we stay till closing time!

I am terrified of being the leader of this group, but i'm taking the challenge. If some of us arrange a meet-up date I will try my best to verbally get the meet-up going on the day, but someone with better confidence than me who might be keen, do raise a hand!

In regard to the format of a writing/reading aloud meet-up - we can try different ones: indoors, outdoors, formal with the speaker standing up at the front, or divide into small casual groups to lessen the nerves if needs be. Any suggestions welcome so we can get the best speaking practice and the best feedback on our writing and reading (if we want it!)

ALSO - I want everyone to feel safe. I rarely do, so if you find socialising difficult, this might help you. And you're welcome to just come and watch if you prefer.

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