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What we’re about

We are a Hackspace / Makerspace community / social group for hackers, makers and doers with the intention of socialising, creating, and potentially make amazing things in a space/workshop with access to tools that you may otherwise not be able to have hands-on with thanks to the contributions and communal efforts of its members.

We are entirely membership run and funded, it is a not-for-profit so every penny made goes back into providing services and facilities for its members, it is run by members for members with a little direction from appointed directors.
This means we can have amazing tools such as a laser cutter, metal lathe, computer systems, welding kit, various saws, a 3D printer or two, a vinyl cutter and a silly amount of electronics, our own dark room, sewing machines, jewelry making tools and with some quad copters thrown in.
We would love to be and do that much more, which is why you should come along to an open night and make it what you want it to be, because that's how we all started, too.

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