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What we’re about

This is a monthly breakfast meeting normally held once a month for property  and other investors. The meeting is for two hours from 7.30am - 9.30am. The purpose of the meeting is to share knowledge and get to know other investors better. Everyone gets the same amount of time to share their property problem, questions or anything they want to share with the group. Topics often covered include deal analysis, finding JV partners, HMOs, R2R/Rent to Rent, best type of investments, latest changes in the law, finances, lettings, how to make use better work of networking, raising investment and more.... There are no formal presentations in this group. The group is chaired by experienced property investor, Paul Lanfear. Paul has been a property investor for over 10 years, has a successful property portfolio and is an owner of Property Angels.

What people say...

''The Property and Investor breakfast was a great introduction to a lovely and committed group of people who have a powerful skill set to share. Paul chairs a two hour breakfast for Property Investors where their experiences of the property market was shared and problems solved. People were passionate and knowledgeable and I was entertained and informed. When it was my turn to ask a question, the group gave excellent advice and directed me to people and services that could solve my problems. Thanks Paul! Brilliant idea!'' Chris.

Before you go there is also the Property & Investing Podcast!

The podcast where we speak to some of the most interesting, inspiring and resilient people in property, investing and beyond.

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