What we're about

Welcome to Leeds Sharp, a code club for developers using Microsoft technologies founded 31 May 2012.

If you're a developer using or interested in programming with Microsoft technologies please come along and join us. All skill levels welcome from absolute beginner to high level genius guru Martin-Fowler-look-a-like.

Our meetings are on the last thursday of the month and start at 6:30pm.

Sponsored by Tronik (https://tronik.co.uk) and FruitionIT

Upcoming events (2)

.NET, IoT and Hedgehogs!


.NET, Hedgehogs and IoT - Mike Irving

Using C# / .NET Technologies and IoT to curate and automate video footage of garden hedgehogs. An experimental journey through device access, cloud storage, serverless functions, and a public website. With an insight into problem-solving changes necessary to bring the code cross-platform to run on Linux on a Raspberry Pi. Later in the talk, we will look at motion detection and image recognition. A light hearted look through a project that evolved fluidly, with no set plan, open sourced and at low cost.

Moving our enterprise app to the cloud: Notes from the field

LeedsSharp are proud to present "Moving our enterprise app to the cloud: Notes from the field" by Rik Hepworth.

We've had an enterprise application running on-premises for security-conscious customers for five+ years. Even though we designed it to be straightforward to move the Azure, lots happened in those years. In this session I'll talk about how we originally planned for cloud migration, what really happened, and what we've learned so far on the journey. We've got it all: a mobile client app, sensitive data, integration with external systems, business-critical service. As we built our first full cloud environment we found several young services that really helped us, and some older services we expected to be easy that proved to be less so.

Note: This session is a technical migration session, but doesn't go into code. It covers the application components on-premises and what the resulting cloud architecture looks like, with discussion around why services were chosen or discounted for our first deployment, and what we learned on the way.