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Welcome to Leeds Sharp, a code club for developers using Microsoft technologies founded 31 May 2012.

If you're a developer using or interested in programming with Microsoft technologies please come along and join us. All skill levels welcome from absolute beginner to high level genius guru Martin-Fowler-look-a-like.

Our meetings are on the last thursday of the month and start at 6:30pm.

Sponsored by Tronik (https://tronik.co.uk) and FruitionIT

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Distributed Tracing with Open Telemetry

Needs a location

LeedsSharp are pleased to present our next in person event by Blake Wills

You've got a service that's "slow" or just plain broken, and you need to find out why. Could it be the application code (which bit)? Or is it the database (just one vicious query, or is everything dead)?
Or maybe it's one of the dependencies causing the issue?
In this talk, we'll look at instrumenting C# services, exporting spans through the OpenTelemetry collector, and how to use traces to find and debug real-world issues.

About Blake:
I'm a Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) at Codat, who enjoys building observability and platform tooling, as well as debugging weird issues in production.

Lightning talks

Needs a location

LeedsSharp are delighted to present our next in person event by a range of speakers from our membership, a series of talks from 5 to 15 minutes on a variety of interesting subjects!

Matt Ross: GitHub Copilot
John Broadhead: The last of the developers
John Staveley: TBA
and more...

At LeedsSharp we like to encourage local talent, so if you have an idea for a talk, please get in touch!

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