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Welcome to Leeds Sharp, a code club for developers using Microsoft technologies founded 31 May 2012.

If you're a developer using or interested in programming with Microsoft technologies please come along and join us. All skill levels welcome from absolute beginner to high level genius guru Martin-Fowler-look-a-like.

Our meetings are on the last thursday of the month and start at 6:30pm.

Sponsored by Tronik (https://tronik.co.uk) and FruitionIT

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[ONLINE] - Creating a GraphQL API with ASP.NET Core

Online event

LeedsSharp are pleased to present our next online event by Marco de Sanctis - Creating a GraphQL API with ASP.NET Core

GraphQL is becoming more and more popular on the market as one of the most widely used communication standards for your service layer.

There are several advantages in adopting it over a classical RESTful API layer: flexibility is obviously the main one, but you also get advanced features such as notifications, caching and support to microservice architectures pretty much for free.

During this talk, we'll show several examples of how to leverage the peculiarities of GraphQL with an ASP.NET Core application, to build an interoperable service layer which works with different clients. We'll be gradually ramping up the complexity of the examples, ending up showing how to integrate it in a microservices architecture.

The talk will be approximately 1 hour ONLINE


My name is Marco and I have an incredible passion for technology which I had the privilege to turn into a job. I’ve been working with .NET since the first beta, focusing on ASP.NET and, more generally, anything that is web related. I’ve been an early adopter of Microsoft Azure – who remembers the portal in Silverlight? :) – and, since its introduction, Cloud technologies have represented the core of my professional interest.

Today I work as a freelance Solutions Architect in the beautiful London, focusing on Cloud transformation. Getting involved in the .NET and Azure community is also a key aspect of my profession: I’m convinced that knowledge sharing is one of the best ways to improve our professional skills, and therefore I try to dedicate as much time as I can to activities such as writing articles or speaking at conferences and meetups. Thanks to that, I’ve been awarded as a Microsoft MVP for the last 12 years in a row.

Thanks to @Fruition_It and Bruntwood for sponsorship.

The event is ONLINE, the link will be published before the event and will be available on this page.

Introduction to Identity Server 6


You're in a green field. You've got the thumbs up on the latest tech stack (.NET 6 of course). You're going all-out on microservices. A dozen APIs, a Progressive Web App, a native mobile app and a desktop app. How do you handle authentication between your APIs and the authorisation of users? Oh, and can we have users log in with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Apple, Google, Amazon, GitHub, Shopify, Spotify, Strava, Slack, and PayPal, please?
Find out in this talk by Matt Ross, a .NET developer in Leeds.

We're going for a hybrid presentation this month. We'd love to see you at Platform and enjoy the pre- and post-chats with pizza and drinks, but if you don't want this social interaction, then you can join us on zoom, too. We'll have a zoom screen in the room with all the online attendees joining our physical location. Sadly, we're not allowed to take the monitor into the pub afterwards.

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