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Micro Services: conquer monoliths, before they own you

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"The monoliths have you!" screams Kiran Singh ( With their "all in one place" tens-of-projects solutions, entangled dependencies and tied down release schedules, they are restricting your creativity and your company's profits. Allow me to show you how Micro Services can lead you to a path of better delivery, as Netflix and Amazon, among many, have discovered.

It's not a decision to be taken lightly - we had to work through issues on various fronts while breaking monoliths into Micro Services as a small team in a not so big company.

I hope to give you a way to tame your monoliths and make development a pleasure, sharing the tips we found useful and others that may be more relevant to your environment - along with some resources to get started.

Show n' Tell: OmniSharp

Mathew McLoughlin ( will show and tell us about OmniSharp (