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Leeds Sharp - A .NET User Group
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This a practical, fun, coding session. We'll be using the excellent codingame.com to practice and compete in a few coding puzzles.
We'll start off with an easy puzzle and in the second half we'll move on to something more challenging (neural networks!).

LS#ers are invited to bring their laptop, but you can also team up with other LS#ers. All skill levels are welcome. Either you'll learn something new or you can teach others how it's done.

We'll do four 25 minute stints and head off for beers and chats after that.

It would help if you register on codingame before hand so we can compete against each other. We'll try and show a leaderboard on the projector.

The first game will be: https://www.codingame.com/training/easy/ascii-art

The second game is: https://www.codingame.com/multiplayer/bot-programming/coders-strike-back

You are welcome to prepare in advance.

We'll have 2x 25 minutes on the first puzzle, stopping for questions and insights. Then move on to the second one.

And remember, we're here to have fun. It's not a test, nor a measure of your skills. Sometimes we get stuck on projects in our job that aren't the most fun, and these coding sessions are here to remind us why we love coding :)