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This is a group for anyone who has been interested in tabletop role-playing games, with the intention of organizing regular meetups in or near the city center. New players and game masters are always encouraged and welcome, come for a game stay for a beer.

Visit us on our web site ( https://www.leedsrolls.co.uk/ - which now includes a lending library) or facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/38670684511... (https://www.facebook.com/groups/386706845113987/)).

• We have a few games every month, including one shots and games night, and there are usually more games starting up if you take a look around.

• Hoping to find kindred spirits and link communities

Best practice for GM’s:

• Contact organizers they will sort you out with access to post games

• Ask in the discussion/ who would be interested

• If you get people interested check availability of venue and night

• Post up with details

Best practice for players:

• If slots are filled in the main game you could contact the gm direct and ask to be placed on the waiting list

• Check in discussion/ messenger for games

• Suggest games for GM’s to run on either discussion/ forum or messenger

We are have implemented a loose social contract with regards to all our future meetups:

Social contract:

• Please don’t antagonize others

• Don’t touch other players stuff without asking

• The venues we use don't charge but operate a 'fair use' policy

• No yelling

• Be respectful

• The GM is the final arbiter

• Use common sense in the way you treat others

Also please be aware this is not a job and the organizers do this for the love of the hobby so be respectful for those who provide content for you.

There are other groups in the area if you are having problems finding games and other communities here are some links:

Headingley games club (https://www.facebook.com/groups/259303224108193/?ref=nf_target&fref=nf&__tn__=C-RH-R)

• Thurs 6.30-10.30

• £2 (£1 cons)

Geek Retreat (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1999271123656865/about/)

• Mon 6-9 RPG Night

• Also various games advertised on their board

Travelling Man (https://www.facebook.com/groups/ttrpgstmleeds/?hc_location=group&__xts__[0]=68.ARCvaa7g027h_MZq858PI2TbYHXi0yJ3T58mtry6I9X1cD7G0dSj3QSeYc5zGpAn3u-LPVrmom60ylAzuWRV4OpMkkBGHaYUs6PBS7gUjjjYPHaMUSc3v2l8sO2mgcstIrakDoRQ8Lc2&__tn__=HH-R)

• Wed 6-9.45

• £2

• D&D adventurers league

Go Play Leeds (https://www.facebook.com/groups/goplayleeds/)

• A monthly mini convention

• Held in Geek Retreat

Upcoming events (5+)

HotDQ - Session 12 - A chance to regroup

The Pack Horse

Session - 12 The party travelled back to through the small teeth and made their way through Amn their jail broken rescues in tow. They we ambushed one night while they slept but some quick reactions and they soon overwhelmed their would be murderers! On the return to greenest, Jerome relayed to the group that he was part of a Minotaur war band searching for ancient lost treasures in the heart of Faerun. However, he had received some concerning new for his CO regarding some losses within their ranks and the last communication between them had been a call for help. The party retired to the restful sanctuary of Greenests Local Tavern "The Manticores Tale" where they discussed the issue and enjoyed some down time with their hoasts Cuth and Katara. Story Background This Adventure is set in the Forgotten Realms on Fearun’s western shore – The Sword Coast. A Thin Strip of civilisation stretches down the coast , where widely spaced cities are arranged like beads on a string. A combination of roads and wagon tracks loosely connect the cities that stretch from Luskan in the north to Calimport in the south, passing through Neverwinter, Waterdeep, Baldur’s Gate and other great ports along the way. The Antagonists in our tale are none other than the Cult of the Dragon! These have been active in Faerun for centuries and have been focused on making undead dragons to fulfil one prophecy or another. However, that’s about to change…. Any Questions, Drop me a message or comment below!

LTTRPG Game Space Night @ the Packhorse

The Pack Horse

Hello Folks, On this night Leeds Tabletop Roleplaying Game Meet Up have booked the upstairs room at the Packhorse Pub in Leeds City Centre. This room is available for use by GM’s and players needing a venue for their game. The room can provide enough space for the following during a single session: • 1 large group – of approx. 1 GM and 6 – 8 players • 1 Medium group – of approx. I GM and 4 – 6 players • 1 small group of approx. 1 GM and 3 – 4 players If you would like to use this space, please message in the board connected to this instance of the Meet Up invite and create your regular Meet Up Event as normal that way anyone can match the messages in the comments to the Meet Up event to know how much space is being used . Can we remind all players and GM’s of the following when using a shared space? • Please be respectful of the others trying to play games, try to minimise disruption during breaks for example when you break for a quick drink, food or the loo they may not be at that point in their game. • Please share the tables and chairs evenly to ensure all those playing on a given night have the furniture they need to make their game work. • Please clean up the room and restore the furniture to as close to the original layout as you can remember so the bar staff don’t have as much work to do in returning the room to a usable state after you have finished. • Lastly, have fun folks, its just a game and above all it’s a social one – remember to say “hello” to the others using the space. LTTRPG as a group has grown into a large group of regular players – at one time it was five middle aged blokes in a cold pub in the city centre and it is nice that there is more of a community engaged in the group now. The intention is to provide these bookings going forward throughout the year, hopefully this will help to mitigate the pressures on GM’s in finding somewhere to play and allow all of us to get the most out of this odd little community.

Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage

The Pack Horse

A massive Dungeon. Twenty Three levels of exciting dungeons with monsters to tempt you with. It will be a long but exciting excursion into Waterdeep to find the Mad Mage. We are starting at First Level despite the recommended Fifth so it will be an hard start but that if all the fun. All you need to bring is a character and enthusiasm. The Six intrepid heroes have finally found the stairs down to the 2nd level, and immediately bolt back to the surface. Oh well what can one expect from two nutty Wizards, an insane Cleric and the others trying to avoid the chaos that all this produces. Mistakes and fun galore! Settings with 2 heads were an issue so I wonder what lurks lower down in the depths. Craig

The Grand Tour - Red Eyes Behind the Walls

Veritas Ale & Wine Bar

This continues the D&D 5th Edition Campaign – The Grand Tour. The group is presently full please message the organiser before you RSVP. The Band hard at work to complete there preparatory training have beaten the long cross country run around Barrowlight Village while the children amused themselves firing blunted arrows and laying beartraps in their path. The Band has even faced down the challenge of Grizz Suaveaxe’s premier hero training facility he affectionately calls “Tough Muddy”. Scythes and giant threshing flail apparatus still in development. Now they have entered Old Hob’s Barrow beneath Thunder Lantern Peak as the final part of their training they must complete Grizz Suaveaxe’s “Fetch Quest” (trademark to be established at the epic patents office in Exaltia). Except too late have they realised the foulness that lurks within and what has transformed into a deadly fight for survival against a malicious foe. Old Hob has for generations been used to scare the naughtiest of farm children to behave or he will come and take them beneath the hill where they will become monsters in his service forever. The barrow was not built for this purpose however it once was created to honor a fallen soldier whose emblem was a flight of scarlet crows. What then now stalks the Band through the barrow halls, whispering from the edge of lantern light and what does it mean that strange memories haunt Sir Periclaine as they delve deeper within. But on all sides tiny feet can be heard shuffling in the cavities behind the stone walls and through cracks in the stone peer gleaming red eyes. But more importantly perhaps – where in the world has young Willis Gaines got himself to now!

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Champions of the Sword Coast D&D Session 7

Veritas Ale & Wine Bar

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