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This is a group for anyone who has been interested in tabletop role-playing games, with the intention of organizing regular meetups in or near the city center. New players and game masters are always encouraged and welcome, come for a game stay for a beer.

facebook (https://www.facebook.com/groups/386706845113987/) group

Join us for a chat on our messenger group or discord chat group:

• We have a few games every month, including one shots and games night, and there are usually more games starting up if you take a look around

• Whilst here please treat everyone else how you'd like to be treated

• Hoping to find kindred spirits and link communities

• Please no sponsored advertising

There are other groups in the area if you are having problems finding games and other communities here are some links:

Headingley games club (https://www.facebook.com/groups/259303224108193/?ref=nf_target&fref=nf&__tn__=C-RH-R)

• Thurs 6.30-10.30

• £2 (£1 cons)

Geek Retreat (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1999271123656865/about/)

• Mon 6-9 RPG Night

• Also various games advertised on their board

Travelling Man (https://www.facebook.com/groups/ttrpgstmleeds/?hc_location=group&__xts__[0]=68.ARCvaa7g027h_MZq858PI2TbYHXi0yJ3T58mtry6I9X1cD7G0dSj3QSeYc5zGpAn3u-LPVrmom60ylAzuWRV4OpMkkBGHaYUs6PBS7gUjjjYPHaMUSc3v2l8sO2mgcstIrakDoRQ8Lc2&__tn__=HH-R)

• Wed 6-9.45

• £2

• D&D adventurers league

Go Play Leeds (https://www.facebook.com/groups/goplayleeds/)

• A monthly mini convention

• Held in Geek Retreat

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Countdown to Extinction session 6 (full group)

Online event

Our group has heroically rescued the town's priest and defeated the demons and undead monsters defiling the church. With the priest awake and telling one and all of the attack and how the circus folk rescued him, your standing with the village has increased slightly and the locals may not shoot you on sight. There are still some loose threads in the village, with the sheriff and the miller's family all missing as well as the identities of the gravediggers to be revealed; how many locals are involved in these diabolical events? Or do you pass go and go directly to the druids' retreat to investigate why their symbols and robes were found on the demon and mad halfling? (I need to prep for this, so if people could decide and give me a few days to work with, that'd be grand)

Dresden Files short story
Needs a date and time

Location visible to members

I'm tempted to have a bash at running a short game, and as I'm a big fan of Jim Butcher, I want to try the Dresden Files RPG with the newer, simplified rules. If enough people are interested, I'll write some notes up on the setting.

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Call of Cthulu: In a Different Light (1920s)

Online event

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