What we're about

This group is for anyone who wishes to write in a second language. Although writing can be a solitary activity, a writing community can lend a degree of motivation and structure to the activity. Leeds already offers many writing groups: this differs in that attendees come to write in a second language.

For the purposes of this group, the definition of writing is broad: it can run from simple texts in an exercise context through to translations into your second language of great works of literature. It can be reports through to stories. The definition of a second language is similarly broad: simply a language which you do not identify as your native tongue. You may be highly proficient in it or a beginner.

The format of each Meetup will be broadly as follows. After some quick hellos and catch-ups, we'll get down to writing for at least 30 minutes. We'll then have a quick share and chat about our writing after which we'll write again for around 30 minutes. We'll finish (officially) with a second share and chat after which attendees are welcome to stay around and continue writing and / or chatting. The operational language is likely to be English but if other languages work for subsets of attendees that's fine.

For full disclosure, the organiser will be writing in (in alphabetical order) Dutch, Esperanto and Spanish (although the order of priority is probably Esperanto, Spanish Dutch). He is a native speaker of only English. He also speaks French but won't be writing in that.

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