What we're about

Welcome to Leesburg School of AI. I am your Dean Sudha Mantri.

• Our School of AI is open to anyone willing to either learn or teach.

Mission Statement “Our mission is to offer a world-class AI education to anyone on Earth for free. Our doors are open to all those who wish to learn. We are a learning community that spans almost every country dedicated to teaching our students how to make a positive impact in the world using AI technology, whether that's through employment or entrepreneurship”

I am part of Siraj Raval's team. Siraj is on a warpath to Inspire and Educate Developers to Build Artificial Intelligence. As part of his vision, I look forward to helping foster a learning environment that is built on the following School of AI Values
1. Embrace the Weird
2. Inspire and Educate
3. Data Driven Optimism
4. Rapid Experimentation
5. Be Frugal
6. Choose Love, not Fear
7. Draw the Owl

School of AI Meetup Code of Conduct: Participants are expected to

• Be Respectful

• Stay Professional

• Behave Appropriately

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