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Do you lead an outwardly conventional life, hold down a mainstream job, but not quite fitting in?

Do you harbour a little nostalgia for the days when you were a punk, a hippie, or simply just a bit of a rebel against all things material?

Do you long for conversation with more depth, & passion? Are you Interested in your personal growth, both spiritual & intellectual? Do you have an interest in social justice, cultural diversity, sustainable living, or the arts?

Do you prefer intelligent drama to Hollywood blockbusters & special effects?

Do you long for a greater degree of 'connection' in your life through personal development shared with others who share similar values?

Would you consider yourself to be a little 'Left of Centre', in your outlook, but not an all out anarchist, or 'rainbow person'?

- If you said ‘YES’ to most of the above you’re in the right place!

This is a network focused on developing friendships based on shared values and interests.

We will be holding a mix of mainstream 'normal' events, Pub nights, walks, cinema nights restaurant evenings etc.

In addition to these events we will post a number of events specifically geared to feeding your appetite for LOC type activities. These might be spiritual in nature, Sustainability based events, educational, or have a political dimension. You choose! What ever type of events you choose to attend, you can be sure you are sharing your time with people who share a similar outlook on life.

Most of our members are single - however couples and those preferring to socialise without their partner are also welcome.

We ask you to complete some introduction statements demonstrating how your personal values, opinions & lifestyle choices match the 'ABOUT US' statement outlined above You also need a recent photograph for your profile to identify yourself to other members.

Please ensure you follow the above instructions, and rewrite your profile, as this group is all about building a community with shared values. Please tell us why you are a 'good fit' for this group.

This will remain a smaller, niche group with an eclectic membership.

"As much as we complain about other people, there is nothing worse for mental health than a social desert. The more connected we are to family and community, the less likely we are to experience heart attacks, strokes, cancer and depression. Connected people sleep better at night. They live longer. They consistently report being happier."

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