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Our mission as LEGACY Real Estate Investment Advisors (REIAs) is to help all Canadians be truly financial prepared. The LEGACY Real Estate Investment Advisor meet up is designed for individuals and couples who want to understand their current level of financial preparedness, define their financial intentions, and assess their response-ability to adversity. Hosted by a number of Alberta's top REIAs, you will have the opportunity to work through your own financial assessments, speak with one of the REIAs, and learn about building wealth by leveraging the power of real estate. Join us to find out what a real money conversation should look like.

For more information about LEGACY and how a Real Estate Investment Advisor can help you, visit www.prepareyourlegacy.com (http://www.prepareyourlegacy.com/)We'll see you there!


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First Step Towards Your Retirement Preparation 7/8: Why Selling Matters

When it comes to saving and investing for your retirement, who do you rely on?
Do you go to your bank or to your financial advisor so that they can invest your money on your behalf?
If you are, acknowledge yourself for taking control of your finances but make sure you are actively involved with the every decisions.


A research shows that monkeys can in fact beat your money manager’s performance in the market.


Not sure how to take control of your investment so that way you can invest with clarity and confidence?

Join us on April 28 ‘First step to your retirement preparation 7/8 - Why Selling Matters’ to take your financial performance to the next level.

So why should you care to learn how to sell?

Selling is a prerequisite for all the success you are going to create in your life no matter what you do. Regardless of your career, selling is for you.

Your ability or inability to sell, persuade, negotiate, and convince others affects every single area of your life and it will by itself determine how well you survive.

No matter your title or your position, no matter where you are in life, whether you’re CEO or janitor, you will at some point, have to convince others of your position, belief, idea, concept to someone else?

Selling is used everyday by every person on this planet and no one is excluded.

Selling is not a job or a career; selling is a way of life.

In life you are going to need to learn how to negotiate.

You have to know how to get another person’s agreement on some point at some place in your life.

The ability to get others to work with you, support you, is selling.

The ability to get people to want to please you and make you feel good and do things for you is selling.

Selling is unavoidable. It determines how well you survive.

Join me on April 28 to find out how selling can help you to prepare for your ideal retirement

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