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This group is for anyone that wants to play tabletop games in our store. We welcome anyone and everyone - beginners and experts alike. We don't discriminate!

Our store features mainstream and indie role playing games such as: Dungeons & Dragons (all editions), Pathfinder, Shadowrun, Skyrealms of Jorune, Numenera, GURPS, Dread, Fiasco, Lacuna, Inspectres, Swords & Wizardry, Ocean, and the like.

We also feature tabletop wargames like War Machine/Hordes, Warhammer Fantasy and 40K, Heroclix, X-Wing, Flames of War, etc.

What about board and/or card games? King of Tokyo, Ascension, Power Grid, Small World, Marvel: Legendary, DC Deck Building Game, Netrunner, Battlestar Galactica, Arkham Horror, Last Night on Earth, Thunderstone, Trollhalla, Magic: The Gathering, Werewolves of Millers Hollow, The Resistance, Fantastiqa, Munchkin, Spartacus...we could keep going, but we'll stop there.

Our store's address is:

294 Montauk Highway, Lindenhurst NY 11757

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Upcoming events (5+)

D&D Adventures (5e)

Legendary Realms

If you would like to run a game for us, please email me [masked] The games will run for 4 hours. $5 entry fee.

Last Sons: A Deadlands: Reloaded Campaign (R2)

Legendary Realms

This game has an 18+ year old limit on attendees because of dark themes and because the GM is a miserable git who is just down on young people and like that. ========================================= Set after the events detailed in The Flood, The Last Sons takes as its stage the Disputed Territories and The Sioux Nations. This Weird West Deadlands:Reloaded campaign pits the player characters against a terrible enemy, and they begin in the dark and flat-footed but can soon take a leading role in events that will change the face of the Weird West. Intended for parties that include indians (the Weird West ain't much fer political correctness, pardner), this campaign uses the Deadlands:Reloaded flavor of the easy-to-learn Savage Worlds game system. The emphasis is on action and encounters, though sessions may be pure Roleplaying with never a shot fired. As in any good RPG it is down to the players how they finesse a given situation. Characters run the gamut from gritty gunslingers and braves to gamblers, mad scientists, clergymen and shamans. While there are no character classes, magic users will choose a specific sort of magic that they will use which constrains the choice of magic and how it is invoked. Advancement is via experience points earned for completing challenges. The character build process is simple, and gameplay is fast, furious and fun. The game is open to beginners and those with experience with the Deadlands milieu, and I can accommodate up to seven players if they can work as a team. Bring a set of poly dice, an additional distinctive D6 and your imagination.

Magic: the Gathering - Friday Night Magic

Legendary Realms

Pack-per-match-win. Three Rounds. $5 for Cube or Constructed. $15 for Draft. Check our Facebook group for format: https://www.facebook.com/groups/LegendaryRealmsMtG/

Switch It Up Saturdays - Nintendo Switch Freeplay

Legendary Realms

Switch It Up Saturdays 7:30 PM - 11:00 PM Come on down for a night full of gaming as we host a multitude of Nintendo Switch games. Work together on Co-Op titles, go head to head in competitive games, or join us for special challenges and Free-Play games. Consoles and games will be on hand to play, bringing your own console is encouraged. $3.00 Entry Additional Tournaments or Special Events might include additional entry fee

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X-Wing Miniatures Game

Legendary Realms

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