Master's Minions: An Evil Adventure for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition

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Master’s Minions: An Evil Adventure for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Ed.

Weekly sessions Thursdays at 7:00 PM, $5 entry fee.

Sick and tired of always adventuring as the hero? Have you ever wanted to stab your party’s paladin right in his stupid, self-righteous back and take his cool gear? Is “murder hobo” not a derogatory term to you, but a way you want to live your [character’s] life? Then this campaign is for you!
This is an ”evil” campaign where players will be able to play as races and/or classes normally not available to them, as well as in a style not normally allowed in typical “heroes of the realm” style of normal games. While this kind of game can be fun to play, it also comes with caveats and additional rules:
1. The DM can kick out any player if he or she is intentionally causing others to have a bad time. Or for any or no reason. The DM has final say, as usual.
2. No overly evil acts, such as rape, graphic torture, wanton infanticide, etc. Keep it PG-13 to R, not NC-17.
3. PC vs. PC conflicts and combat will be allowed. Understand that these conflicts can and will arise when a bunch of evil characters are forced together, but know that this is just a game and you and your character are not the same person. Do not let character conflicts turn into player conflicts.
Bring multiple characters for your first game. Three is a good minimum. Because of the nature of this adventure, character deaths are very likely. However, leveling up will be more common, with a benchmark/merit-based system you will learn to love or hate.
Adventure Story & Background:
In this campaign, which takes place in the Forgotten Realms setting, you work for a powerful beholder known only as “Master.” Master has conquered groups from nearly every race and brought them under his control. And he wants more control. As one of his minions, you have been tasked with working with some of Master’s other minions to help achieve his goals. Master rewards loyalty and efficiency, and punishments are given out for almost any reason he can think of (though he never shares these reasons, if they exist). He does not care about your background. He does not care about your dreams or your goals. Master only cares that you do what he expects from you.

Character Creation Rules:
• Characters all start at level 5 (even your replacement characters).
• Only officially printed Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition materials can be used (i.e. no Unearthed Arcana, homebrew, etc.).
• Evil/monster races and/or classes can be used (and are encouraged!).
• “Good” classes or subclasses (e.g. Oath of Devotion Paladin) are only allowed with workable backstory and DM approval.
• In addition to the starting equipment from your class and background, each character can start with one of three additional options:
1. One mundane armor and one mundane weapon (simple or martial weapon; not silvered or adamantine) and 50 gp to spend on ammunition or items from chapter 5 of the Player’s Handbook
2. 300 gp worth of spellcasting materials (for spells you are able to cast) and 50 gp to spend on ammunition or items from chapter 5 of the Player’s Handbook
3. 200 gp to spend on ammunition or items from chapter 5 of the Player’s Handbook
• Tips:
o Remember your languages and choose them wisely. Language barriers are a real thing.
o Know how your racial abilities, class abilities, and spells work. This should be obvious, but it still needs to be said. Be prepared. Be warned.