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I like BBQ. I cook it at home. I compete at BBQ cook-offs. I volunteer to serve it to those affected by disasters, such as hurricanes and wildfires, and I support various charities in their fundraising efforts - with, of course, BBQ.

I also have a hard time passing by a BBQ restaurant without at least stopping to try a pulled pork sandwich or a plate of sliced brisket. Of course, if they have a combo platter that allows me to try a little bit of everything they make, all the better.

So if you really like BBQ and would be interested in a family style gathering at various BBQ joints within a reasonable driving distance of the Portland/Vancouver area, then maybe this will be a good group for you to join. When I say family style, I will be working with each restaurant we visit to arrange a meal that is priced per person and in which we will get a variety of menu items to share. You are responsible for your own beverage choices but everyone will pay the same price for their food, no matter how much they are inclined to eat. (I am hopeful that everyone is courteous, respectful and does not view this arrangement as a means of getting their ravenous appetite subsidized by others.)

My goal is to schedule one meal per month. Unless there are huge warning flags that a place is just no good, I will randomly contact BBQ joints in different parts of the metro area to set up the dinner. Some will be independents, some will be part of a chain and hopefully all will serve us a great meal. I would expect your meal to not cost less than $25 plus your beverage and a 20% tip - which will be added automatically to your tab.

If you join, you understand that I welcome your suggestions for places to visit in future months. You also understand that while this is family style dining, it is NOT a family event where folks under legal drinking age would be welcome. If there is interest in having an event with kids, we will look at it at some point in the future.

Regarding your RSVP. If you sign up to attend, you are expected to show up. I will close the RSVP two days before the event and send you a reminder of your commitment. If you do not cancel prior to the day of the event, YOU WILL BE CONSIDERED A NO-SHOW. Two no-shows and you will be removed from the group

Any questions - please post them so everyone can see the inquiry and my answer. Look forward to meeting all of you and tasting some good, and some great BBQ.

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My favorite BBQ in the Couv! Smokehouse Provisions

Smokehouse Provisions

I have had some amazing brisket at this BBQ joint up in Vancouver, You do not want to miss out on the Bacon Molasses Corn Muffins. We will be eating family style, including brisket, pork, sausage, ribs, and a variety of sides. Total cost for the meal plus 20% tip should be $25 - $30 plus your beverage of choice. Please bring cash so we don't need to break apart the tab for the meal. Here is their website to review the menu: https://www.smokehouseprovisions.com/ Reservations will close two days before the event. Please note that no-shows include cancelling your reservation the same day as the event. If the RSVP is full, we still encourage you to sign up for the waitlist as there may be cancellations or we can get the restaurant to agree to a larger group. Size is limited to 16 people, including +1 guests.

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Some of the best BBQ at Podnah's Pit

Podnah's BBQ

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