Memorial Day Picnic BBQ in Nazareth

This is a past event

38 people went

Needs a location



This is a private residence and the address will not be posted on this page. It has been emailed to everyone several times. If for some reason you did not get it, please contact us.

Richard and Martha request that everyone park on the grass perpendicular to the driveway in order to fit all the cars.

This is a private residence and the address will not be posted on this page - it will be emailed to everyone before the event.

We have TWO lists of things that need attendees to bring - The list of FOOD divided by last name and the list of OTHER ITEMS that need to be volunteered. You can volunteer to bring anything from the OTHER ITEMS list in addition to, or in place of what you are assigned to bring from the FOOD list. Plus, we have a short list of services we need volunteered in a third list.


If your last name begins with -
A-H, bring dessert
I-S, bring salad or side
T-Z, bring appetizer

- LVH will bring Burgers, Veggie Burgers, hot dogs
- LVH will bring buns
- LVH will bring plastic ware, paper plates and cups
- PETER will help set up
- PETER will bring the Relish
- SILVIA will bring the Salt and Pepper
- TONY and DONNA will bring lettuce and onions
- RICHARD AND MARTHA will have Horse Shoes, Badminton and Croquet
- BURT will bring beverages
- JASON will bring bottled water
- JASON will help set up
- JASON will bring 1 cooler
- JASON will bring ice
- JASON will take a shift at the grill
- BRIAN will bring 1 cooler
- BRIAN will bring mustard
- SANDRA will bring ice
- SANDRA will bring soda
- JOYCE will help set up
- JOYCE will bring soda
- PETER H. will help set up
- ELLEN will bring 2 liters of diet soda
- ZACK will take a shift at the grill
- LAURA will help set up
- LAURA will bring 1 cooler
- LAURA will bring the garbage bags
- EPH will bring ketchup and cheese slices, (the organic kind, he says)
- JESSICA will bring kids games

Let me know what I am forgetting.


Spend Memorial Day in Nazareth PA with fellow Humanists for a pot luck dinner BBQ house party. This year Martha and Richard have been kind enough to allow the use of their house and large property. Plenty of room for outdoor games and more.

Hamburgers, hot dogs, BBQ chicken and veggie burgers will be provided by LVH. As the date gets closer, we will have an organized list of what side dishes, desserts and miscellaneous items you can volunteer to bring.

More details and directions to Martha and Richard's house in Nazareth will be emailed to all who have RSVPed. Our Memorial Day picnic is one of our largest events of the year - a great time to get together with all your like-minded friends and to make new ones as well. There is no better way to spend your Holiday this May!