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As human beings touch and connection with others is paramount to our happiness and survival. Scientific studies show that touch and connection have huge benefits on our health and well being. When we experience them our bodies produce a hormone called Oxytocin which
1/ Lowers stress levels
2/ Lowers blood pressure
3/ Boosts our immune system
4/ Can help improve digestion
5/ Helps with anxiety and depression
6/ Plays a huge role in pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding
7/ It increases optimism, trust, self esteem and overall emotional health
Flooding your body with Oxytocin will leave you relaxed, loved, happy and in a sense of bliss, effects which can last for days. From that list alone it is clear to see that everyone would benefit from better connections and touch with each other, even those who feel their relationships with others are already successful would clearly benefit from the health and emotional effects of Oxytocin.

Our society today suffers from disconnection, everywhere you look people are glued to their phones or computers, small talk and pleasantries are seen as weird and loneliness is at an all time high, we have been known to send dogs to spend time with our lonely loved ones rather than spend time with them ourselves. Our lives revolve around social media likes and we only know how to converse through a computer screen. We have made touch and connection a taboo leaving us with the impression that they always have to lead onto something else, people do not know how and are genuinely scared to reach out to others through connection and touch.

All of our sessions are a dedicated, safe space to explore touch and connection, whether on your own or with others. Sessions are non sexual, purely focusing on platonic, authentic touch and connection. Removing sexuality from the workshops gives people the opportunity to explore touch and connection more freely and easily.

During each session we work through a series of exercises that will
* Help you to de-stress, relax and open up
* Address and let go of your expectations and misconceptions
* Learn how to clearly state your wants, needs and feelings
* Explore and expand your boundaries, likes and dislikes
* Explore how you feel and react to touch and connection
* Connect deeply and authentically with yourself, your surroundings
and others.

Our sessions are safe, light-hearted, fun, relaxing and full of love and Kindness, if you feel you would like more warmth, joy, love and connection in your life then come along.

These sessions are to meetup and connect in a platonic way, sexual behaviour or inappropriate advancements in anyway will not be tolerated. They are not dating meetups so if anyone is making advancements to you that you are not comfortable with then please let us know.

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Free Cuddle and Connection Taster Session

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Free Cuddle and Connection Taster Session

Michael Wood Centre

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Michael Wood Centre


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