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Thank you for your interest in Cyber Security for Control Systems!

Currently there are not enough people interested in the topic locally to continue to maintain the Meetup page, so we intend to close it by the end of this month.

However, for those interested in the topic, we (CS2AI.org) do have a Virtual Meeting Series that you can sign up for: https://cs2ai.org/virtual-meeting-series

It's a a 12-part (monthly) 1½ hour “virtual meeting” series on cyber security for control systems. Participation in this first series will not by itself help a member reach a level of mastery, but it will serve as solid foundation to provide the broadest understanding of all the pieces and parts that go into the cyber security considerations for any control system.

Again, please join us here, https://cs2ai.org/virtual-meeting-series , if you are interested.

If in the future we have enough interest, we will kick off a MeetUp group here in your city.

Thank you!

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