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Dear Muslim Travellers

Assalamu aleikum warehmatulahi wabarakatuhu

A really warm welcome to all Muslim singles Travel mates!

We are a small independent company and we recently started to offer bespoke travel activities for Muslims singles of different age groups.

It is said that there are only two ways to get to know someone. Either is by living with them or by travelling with them.

Our role is not to serve as a matrimonial agency but to create the conditions for Muslim Singles to experience something different and give them time to know better their potential partners.

Our approach is to entertain you with fun games, long talks and take you to great halal restaurants during the trip!

We started up in 2013 and we usually organise a meetup once in a while for social events, the chance to meet other members, get involved and talk travel.

We plan trips all over the world, focusing more on halal travelling to destinations like UAE, Turkey and Morocco as well as other destinations in Europe for a weekend getaway in cities where halal facilities are available.

If you’re looking to find someone, have time to know the other person in a relaxed atmosphere, then this is the right adventure for you….You’ll also have the chance to make new friends, dive into different cultures, relax or doing something completely different that you wouldn’t do in your daily life.

We hope to see you In Sha Allah, at a meet up soon and look forward to travelling with you and making more unforgettable memories!

Note: All the rooms booked will be separate for Men and Women.

All our deals are subject to availability

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