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Knowledge Book Meetup
The website of the Knowledge Book is below. If you find it interesting do come and meet Luciene to discuss the book further. You may want to begin to work with it to make your spiritual progress, evolution and consciousness.

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This group's primary function is for the development of spirituality and knowledge. It is in the interest of the individual to know all that is unknown while he/she is in physical incarnation on planet earth to learn all there is to know to make progression in consciousness.

It is vital to know there is no DEATH and life carries on in many dimensions and as you raise your consciousness you achieve each dimension to further your evolution eternally.

We would like to see budding mediums join us for their development in mediumship, awareness and understanding how they can develop their potential gift of communicating with the spirit world. We have sessions which are termed as, 'Open Development Circles' which help to facilitate this process.

If you would like to know more about the Knowledge Book I can arrange to meet you to discuss the matter further.

Private readings of spiritualist, tarot, crystal ball etc. are available by appointment.

We look forward to seeing you at our meetup events.

Luciene Azique/Organizer

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