What we're about

We enjoy using Go and we are curious about the language, its features and applications, especially in the context of cloud computing and infrastructure.

Our goal is to establish a place, where people from all backgrounds interested in the Go programming language and various cloud technologies can meet, learn, share experiences, present, discuss and network.

We aim to be a welcoming community, respecting Gopher values, as outlined here: https://golang.org/conduct .

Find out more on: https://golangleipzig.space/ and https://github.com/golang-leipzig (https://twitter.com/golang_leipzig)

Since March 2019, we are part of the Go Developer Network:


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Leipzig Golang 🎄 Drinkup #33

Café Cantona

Hello, 世界!

We'll meet at Café Cantona - join us to discuss all things Go and beyond.

Note: No online option this time, sorry!

Learn more at https://golangleipzig.space and https://golangleipzig.space/posts/meetup-33-invitation/

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Leipzig Golang Hybrid Meetup #32

Design Offices Leipzig Post

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