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Leipzig Golang and Cloud Native Meetup #2

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Martin C. and Benjamin N.


Hello, 世界! For the second meetup we are looking for lightning talks, presentations or other kinds of inputs.

Hallo, 世界! Für das zweite Meetup sammeln wir Vorschläge für Lightning Talks, Präsentationen und ähnliches. Wer etwas vorstellen möchte, kann das gern etwas mitbringen.


  • Lightning Talk: Turn data into Go struct (Martin) - how to enjoy XML and JSON with Go

  • Lightning Talk: Glance at the io package and some io.Reader implementation, that you may not have seen before (Martin)

  • Lightning Talk / Paper: Understanding Real-World Concurrency Bugs in Go (Michael)

Peterssteinweg 14 · Leipzig, SN
18 spots left