Crystal Psychic Healing Therapy


I do offer private Crystal Energy Studies on many different levels:

*I offer 13 levels of Training of which at the end you will be a completely Empathic Psychic Healer & Reader. Knowing how to channel, have complete communications w/ your Angels & spirit Guides, functioning as a psychic healer for yourself and others.

*Classes that you have seen but missed, or just prefer quieter setting

* Mentorship and private Crystal Healings & Counseling to optimize Spiritual growth, past life Clearing and Progression.

* Special bigger shifts more advanced personal progression sessions.

*Crystalline Energie' Healing Certification advanced levels 1-13. 4 wks/3hr ea.

*Specialized Tune-up/Follow-up counseling, clearing, check ins for Healers & Readers( May be done remote or Skype/FaceTime )

Each session is customized for you pending where your abilities lie.

different price scales & increments may be arranged.

Tues-fri , Saturdays/Sunday's only upon pre-booking

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