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We come together to reawaken the power and the mysteries of the Divine Feminine – our undeniable potential- the nectar and the gifts of the Goddess waiting to arise! Within this sacred space, the Priestess energy emerges as channelled by *MeLe’Ha - Dr. Amber Wolf.
Many Sacred Circles begin in the frequency of an inspiring KRYON ‘Channel to the Goddesses’, always a potent and inspiring message and blessing. The Sacred Circle is a portal for rekindling our old soul DNA and honoring the magic of our magnificence. Together we create a ceremonial ‘altar’ for our prayers and intentions; this becomes a focal point of our gathering and an opening to the nature spirits. Our finale is a rousing celebration of the Goddess and our Sacredness!
It is our mission to support and inspire each one of you to live your Divine Power, creating a more balanced planet and planting the seeds of peace on our beautiful Mother Earth – Gaia.
*In Jan 2013, Dr. Amber was given the Lemurian Priestess name, MeLe’Ha by Kryon during a channel to the Sisterhood. MeLe’Ha means ‘Celebrate the Sacred Breath’ in the Hawaiian language – the Lemurian language! We are Sacred Ones~*~

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