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What we're about

We are tech community with activities in 8 cities/chapters (Pretoria, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Maputo, Lagos, Kaduna, Nairobi and Eldoret). Led by entrepreneurs who dream big and contribute to shaping the future. Operated by 8+ Local Leaders driven by bringing positive impact in the future of technology.

We connect developers to industry leaders. We learn about the present to prospect the future. To get a bigger chance at having a bigger impact on the future of software development.

We want to give all attendees the opportunity to learn, discuss and interact with other industry leaders. The event gives attendees a first-hand experience and exposure to industry current and future best practices.

Past events (4)

Lepsta developers 2019 Final meetup

St.Luke’s Conference Hall

Lepsta Demo Day

Needs a location

Test driven development

Sirikwa Hotel

Code & Coffee

St.Luke’s Conference Hall

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