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Dining with natural Alsace wines
The Alsace wines are different from the other wines in France: because of their Germanic influence, 'Alsace' it is the only Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée (AOC) to produce mostly varietal wines, typically from similar grape varieties to those used in German wine, mostly in white (around 90%). Along with Austria and Germany, Alsace delivers to people passionate about wine some of the most noted dry Rieslings in the world, as well as highly aromatic Gewürztraminer wines. The region's Pinot gris and Pinot blanc too are much appreciate by wine connoisseurs. Much of the white wines of Alsace are made from aromatic grape varieties, so many characteristic Alsace wines are aromatic, floral and spicy. Since they very seldom have any oak barrel, their aromas tend to be very varietally pure in their character. You can often recognize a bottle of Alsace wine, as there is a legal requirement for bottling it in tall bottles commonly called "flûtes d'Alsace"(in the AOC rules, the bottle type is actually called "vin du Rhin"). This bottle format is also common and traditional in many German regions, particularly for Riesling. Almost all production in Alsace is of AOC wine: a guarantee of high quality. The geography of the wine growing area in Alsace is determined by two main factors: the Vosges mountains in the west and the Rhine river in the east. The vineyards, concentrated in a narrow strip among them, are sheltered from rain and maritime influence, and the region is therefore rather dry and sunny. But what makes the enormous potential of the region is its quite varied geology, with many different kinds of soils represented in the vineyards. The wines we are going to taste during the dinner are ALL from natural (and much renowned!) producers: 1. Riesling Sans soufre Pierre Frick[masked]. Gewurztraminer Cuvée speciale Gerard Schueller[masked]. Pinot gris 1854 Foundation Josmeyer[masked]. Langenberg Marcel Deiss[masked]. Pinot noir Agathe Bursin 2015 (They are mostly dry, some may have a little sweet residuum) PS1 "Shoes-off" policy :-) PS2 PayPal is the easiest option to help contributing for the dinner and opening a PayPal account is quite simple; however, in case you do not want to open a PayPal account, you can get in touch with me WELL IN ADVANCE for an alternative option. Thank you.

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    Eating, talking, laughing, making new contacts while being comfortably sitting around a table in a nice apartment in the city centre and sipping a glass of good quality wine.
    I have been holding 'Les Vendredis du Vin' since 2009 in order to spread the culture of quality wine, paired with good food, much often from the same region of the wine.
    My dinner are joined both by both big wine lovers and people just wishing to enjoy a relaxed dinner and curious to enlarge their knowledge of wines.
    I make an introduction on the 'theme' of the soirée and then conversation may develop on any other issue people feel to share with the entire table or just with their neighbor, this is different at every time.
    Many new relations (of any kind...) have been developing at 'Les Vendredis du Vin' during past years...

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