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Housewarming, Potluck, & Movie at Jaine's Condo!

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Looking for activities in Langley? You've come to the right place!

Let's get together for affordable activities in our neighborhood and around town! We can have events like a movie, dinner, lunch, brunch, board games, live music, volunteering our time and hands to a worthy cause, winery tours, book clubs, the PNE, dancing, Med Fest, City-Planned Outings in the Park like Bard In The Valley, live theatre, having treats while watching snow falling from the warmth of someplace nice on our beautiful mountains, and anything else that looks like fun. Edit: for events involving meals - if you are late, we would still be thrilled to see you, however, meals will be ordered for the people who would like to eat on time, even if you haven't arrived yet. But do please come and order whenever you get to the event. I always plan to stay an extra half-hour for this reason, so no-one is left at the end.

All interests and skill-levels are welcome. As a coordinator for this Meetup/group, I’d like to meet other “fill-in-the-blank” enthusiasts. I’m looking forward to exploring new activities or hobbies with anyone and everyone. Bring your ideas about stuff you are excited about! There’s not enough room in the Meetup bio, I think, to write about all that could or does interest you. Maybe you’ve never tried bowling or Thai food or chess!

Make sure to check out: Langley/Surrey Lesbian Pub Night (And Events) (https://www.meetup.com/Langley-Surrey-Lesbian-Pub-Night/) They have lots of fun ideas, too!

Our network:

This Meetup is intended to provide a warm and friendly space for girls/women/females/ladies who identify themselves as lesbian, bisexual, or for Womyn who are not sure, to connect with other like-people safely, to feel a sense of belonging and acceptance, and have fun. This list is not exhaustive.

RSVPs: Keep your response up-to-date on the EVENT'S PAGE to respect the Meetup Hosts and the staff at the venues. Plans for events and late RSVPs are monitored closely, usually up to the last two hours before the event is scheduled to begin, or the posted deadline in the Event, for new attendees or messages from members. The android meetup app is difficult to read, especially after an event has started. I'll try to bring something unique/bizarre enough so that members can recognize me. These include a brown "talking" stuffie that kind of looks like a hamster for our table, and/or a blue-straw fedora for my head, and/or a black and white paisley-marked muumuu. Feel free to suggest activities that you wish to Host or attend. Ghosts will be removed.

Our vision :

Is to create a community and social network where acceptance is embraced and love is nurtured, together. Labels and categories are not encouraged; safety and freedom are. (And, yes, I shamelessly copied some of this from another page, but my focus is for we 50 (and hopefully, more, in the future) who are here waiting for someone like me, and you, to address the need to organize to get out there and meet some people and have some good, clean, or sometimes, rowdy, fun!) Feel free to submit ideas for fun, page-photos, or quips or catch-phrases that suit our mission of inclusiveness, diversity, and such.

About the money:

Meetup requires a monthly payment to keep “Meetups” open. It is not a lot: $20USD. Donations from attendees are always welcome, but will not be pressed upon anyone. As our “Meetup” evolves, new information and structural notes will be added online so everyone can be up-to-speed and contribute ideas and communicate any concerns. Please, feel free to message me anytime and I will answer as soon as I can.

Our story :

Basically, to connect with others. It does not matter whether you are single or a couple, into the scene, or into dining, an ally, a bookworm, or a sports fan, a nerd or a nerdette, newly-out or new in town, etc. This Meetup webpage is a diverse cyber-venue where les-bi-friends can plan to meet, chat, eat, connect, have fun, and find new things to do. About safety: unless you have just come from a cosplay or similar event and you were going for the “Wyatt Earp” look, eyebrows will be raised and polite inquiries will be made to make sure you are at the right event for the right reasons. Bullying, pestering, trolling, or needling others will not be tolerated, neither online nor at events. If you appear ill or excessively under the influence, arrangements will be offered to get you home safely, like calling a taxi, or, in extreme cases, an ambulance. (See “Responsibilities” below.) This will be a democratic Meetup, with decisions made for the good of the Meetup, and its participants.

Our policy:

The requirement for this Meetup is to post a current photo of yourself so members can identify you, visually. Preferably facing the camera without enormous sunglasses and floppy hat covering most of your face. You must be +19 to join. At the end of the Meetup’s Year, next August, the Meetup will be polled for inactivity of over one year. Please feel free to reapply to the Meetup anytime you wish to rejoin. I know, for me, it took a long time of looking over events on other Meetups just to get the courage up to actually attend one. I get it.

Legal Stuff - Liabilities, Obligations, and Responsibilities:

Various Physical and Environmental Activities: We will be a Meetup composed of volunteers and non-official attendees. We are not a professional organization, teachers, instructors, or pro trail-guides and/or pro event organizers. However, as a Meetup of friends and acquaintances, we will look out for each other. The Host(s,) organizers and any/all assistant organizers and other attendees are in no way responsible and/or liable for your personal safety and/or health state, before, during and/or at anytime after any event. By RSVP-ing "Yes" for any posted event or by attending a word-of-mouth event, you acknowledge that you fully understand and accept the aforementioned conditions and the following event attendance-conditions (climate, etc.,) and you are solely responsible for your own health, safety, and well-being before, during and/or at anytime after the event. All attendees shall forever hold harmless the organizers and other attendees and unconditionally waive any liabilities resulting from attending and/or participating, or not participating, in these events. Due to perfume allergies, please save excessive scents for other times. See also: “Safety” above.

About Guests, Plus Ones, and, Any Other Meetup Event Attendees: The Host(s,) organizers and/or assistant organizers are not responsible in any way for members’ guests, pets, and/or kids/children/off-springs/charges, etc. Members who RSVP "Yes" for events and bring guests, pets, and/or kids/children/off-springs/charges, etc., to events are solely and totally responsible for their own personally-invited guests, etc., health, safety, and well-being before, during, and/or at any time after the conclusion of any event or events, whether official “Meetup”-posted events or word-of-mouth events, including vetting alcohol-permitted venues and events. The event organizer(s) and assistant organizer(s) and/or any Host(s) shall be held harmless and shall be unconditionally free forever of any and all liabilities, obligations, and responsibilities to any of the attendees, guests, “plus-one’s,” etc., and all third-party individuals, relatives and representatives, etc.

TL;DR: You've read this far! That's all of it! Feel free to sign up for an event, pose new ideas, make suggestions, or just enjoy the chatting and the experiences. I hope I've included all that you need to decide; I'm looking forward very much to Hosting and sharing Hosting. You may have noticed that most of the time, there's going to be some kind of food involved in the events. Yes, I admit it, it's All About The Food! :-) Limited time offer: come on out, mention this paragraph, and I'll buy you a dessert!

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