What we're about

We are a diverse group of lesbian females who enjoy exploring new and exciting ways to live completely and fully as empowered and openly sensual females!

We aim to socialize and connect in a deeper more meaningful way while enjoying… healthy and fun outdoor activities and parties, as a group we encourage feminine empowerment and sensuality and connect with business and marketing/networking, life coaching/mentoring. As a group we are open to discovering new and exciting passionate ways to live as enlightened passionate sensual women... and of course always having a lot of fun with the girls :-)

Join us if you like being open to discovering new and exciting ways of interacting with "open minded" females and connecting with each other emotionally, intellectually, spiritually and even sensually!

Who Can Join…

This is a community of tolerance and acceptance among women and those who identify as women (see below).

We have a strict policy of inclusion and as a group we are non-judgmental however this group and its events are intended for those who identify as... lesbian, lesbian curious, bisexual or bi-curios women and transgender lesbian females who have transitioned with HRT and live FULL-time as females.

All members withing to attend Level 2 and 3 events, must be approved by organizers and are must attend one of our monthly orientation meetings. Approvals are to protect the privacy and integrity of this group and its ideals, and are in no way intended as a personal judgment or exclusion.

Our Event Types…

We host an event by levels which are described (below). There to help any member discern which meetings you are most comfortable attending. They are intended to keep all our members comfortable with a safe like-minded member environment.

We’ve devised 3 Levels from (1) “Every Day”, (2) “Sensual”, and (3) “Risqué”. In order to attend levels 2 and/or 3 you must attend a level 1 and level 2 event. All new members must attend a monthly orientation before attending a level (2) or (3) event.

Our Meeting levels…

• "Meet and Greet " -(Monthly New Member Orientations) includes a warm welcome and introduction to the group, a chance to meet a few members together with over viewing of our policies and agreement to our group terms.

• Everyday –(level 1) Hosted in public or private establishments with friendly environments and welcoming conversations. (Ideally suited for: meet and greet events and indoor/outdoor activities (bars, clubs, beaches, hiking, group meditations/healings/yoga/life coaching/mentoring).

• Sensual - (req. level 1 attendance) May be hosted in private establishments or residences or in public places. These events event will be for those who are more comfortable being in an environment where conversations and activities will be more sensually risqué. (Ideally suited for: More flirtatious and sensual events (sexy night clubbing/dancing, bikini pool parties, lesbian erotic discussions/mentoring/coaching, Tantric group meditations/guidance).

• Risqué - (req. level 2 attendance) May be hosted in private residences, private establishments or in private places. These events will be for those who are comfortable with their sensuality and sexuality. Conversations, discussions and activities may be deeper and more openly sexual/intimate in nature. (Ideally suited for more sexually adventurous events like Tantra, sensual massage instruction/ therapy , kinky & BDSM events, revealing bikini pool parties, special “after” parties).

Meeting & Group Policies…

We strive to create a comfortable environment for all members in comfortable and safe settings where we can all be and express our true selves in an enjoyable and respectfully healthy way and we always ask that all members maintain healthy respectful boundaries with each other.

Any members experiencing pushy or unwanted advances either in person, or through Meetup messaging, should initially express their concerns directly the member in question with the group safe word “STOP. Should the unwanted advances continue, members are advised to contact group moderators to intervene.

Members who violate the above policy may warrant removal from meetings and the group at the discretion of the moderators.

No photography at events unless expressly agreed upon by all members in a taken photo.

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